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Dec 02 2021

Darrell Brooks Weeps That He Has Been Demonized

Pity the poor mass-murdering race hater Darrell Brooks, who appears to have implemented Black Lives Matter ideology by driving through a Christmas parade consisting largely of children and grandmothers, killing six and injuring 62. He whimpers self-pityingly that he has been demonized and treated like a monster:

“I just feel like I’m being monster – demonized,” Brooks, 39, said during a brief video visit in Waukesha County Jail – a stone’s throw from where tragedy struck over a week earlier.

Tragedy struck? Witnesses say it was the currently sobbing and “soft-spoken” Darrell Brooks who struck.

Brooks appeared calm, lucid and took time to answer each question – even repeating reporters’ questions and answers at times.

His legal team had better have a word with him. He needs to act crazy. Never mind his infamous success in the past at staying out of jail despite compiling a 50-page rap sheet of crimes, this time libs won’t be able to bail him out — unless a John Hinkley is pulled.

In the meantime, Brooks sheds bitter tears over his plight:

Not even his mother has dropped by, he said.

But at least she put in a good word for him by proclaiming that the system is to blame for the bloodshed, not its put-upon victim Darrell Brooks.

If only we could get the word to Darrell that there is no reason for him to mope. The media is not demonizing him or portraying him as a monster. It is not portraying him at all.

What Brooks did and what he is undermine the liberal narrative. So, after abandoning comical attempts to spin the incident, the establishment media has dropped it. Like CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post have consigned Darrell Brooks to the memory hole:

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