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Dec 02 2021

Science Subordinated to Moonbattery at Science Museum

Under moonbat rule, all aspects of culture are devoted to promoting the progressive agenda — including science:

The Science Museum in London has agreed to alter an exhibit on human biology and sex characteristics after receiving complaints over a perceived lack of transgender representation and its “non-inclusive narrative.”

LGBT militants don’t have to push very hard to get cultural gatekeepers to do their bidding. The slightest nudge suffices.

Museum authorities confirmed that the exhibit, titled ‘Boy or Girl?’, is currently under review to “take into account new scientific and curatorial research and visitor feedback.” The exhibit apparently covers subjects such as hormones and chromosomes and asks, “How are boys and girls different?”

According to internal documents reviewed by The Telegraph, the museum was taking “action to consult the Museum of Transology” about the display.

Nothing could better sum up the subordination of reality to leftist depravity than the Science Museum taking marching orders from the creepy and surreal Museum of Transology.

Currently, the display apparently includes an information panel which states that “sex usually refers to someone’s biological characteristics,” while “gender is more difficult to define.” It also describes a person’s “gender identity” as “our sense of yourself as male or female, or, for some people, neither or both. It may not match your biological sex.”

Not good enough. The central point of anything having to do with sex/gender must be to normalize pathology that has been embraced by leftists.

Back in 2016, the Science Museum knuckled under to militant moonbats who didn’t like a sign describing how “your X and Y chromosomes define your biological sex.” Chromosomes are noncompliant with LGBT ideology and are therefore subject to cancelation.

The demands will keep escalating so long as they continue to be met with compliance. The liberals in charge have no problem with this.

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