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Oct 31 2021

Dem Spending Bill Includes Propping Up Liberal Media

Four of the top 10 songs on iTunes have the same title: “Let’s Go Brandon.” The meme has caught fire not only because it ridicules the senile corruptocrat presiding over the ruin of our country. It also ridicules the biased media establishment, without which he never could have taken power.

Americans increasingly hate the media, and for excellent reason. By now, only the most clueless could take MSM propaganda at face value. How will the liberal establishment media continue to make a profit when no one wants to buy the lies it is selling?

Public broadcasting shows the way. It offers softspoken leftist pabulum that few have a use for. But we pay for it anyway, because the government forces us to. That’s why Democrats support the Local Journalism Sustainability Act.

As noted previously, the “local” part is misleading. Local papers are largely owned by national operations. This is a bailout for Big Media, backed by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and leftist congresscritters like Eric Swalwell.

Now state Attorneys General are pushing it, to the delight of the Seattle Times, which no doubt stands to benefit:

Led by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a coalition of 16 AGs is urging U.S. House and Senate budget leaders to pass the Local Journalism Sustainability Act.

Surprisingly, only 15 of the 16 are Democrats. The sellout RINO is John Formella of New Hampshire.

Their timing is excellent. Congress is close to finalizing a budget bill, in which the core of the LJSA, credits for preserving journalist jobs, was included.

This is only a small sample the pernicious waste packed into the multi-$trillion blowout spending bill leftists are trying to ram through Congress for Biden’s eager signature.

If Democrats have their way, there will be no need for Big Media to tone down the left-wing bias. We will be forced to finance party propaganda.

Imagine PBS/NPR as the only major source of information. That’s what liberal utopia will look like.

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