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Nov 04 2021

Democrats’ Alarming Response to Repudiation by Voters

We the People rose up on Tuesday, dealing authoritarians devastating setbacks, particularly in blue Virginia. Now, the empire prepares to strike back.

Today’s radicalized Democrats now understand that controlling education and the media does not suffice, because some Americans continue to think for themselves. This resulted in the humiliating defeat of their golden boy Terry McAuliffe. They know they will not be able to inflict their agenda with the consent of the population. Even Chuck Todd understands that voters have had enough of them.

Democrats recently tried to federalize elections in brazen violation of the Constitution so that they can legalize the voter fraud that has become key to their electoral strategy. They were stopped by the thinness of their advantage in the legislature. This can be overcome only by pulling out all stops and nuking the filibuster.

After their spanking in Virginia, Democrats could have learned a lesson and backed off from the unpopular radical course they have taken under Biden. But Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has chosen a diametrically opposite response:

“We will continue to fight for voting rights and find an alternative path forward, even if it means going it alone,” Schumer said.

“Voting rights” is an Orwellian euphemism for reducing elections to banana republic farces by institutionalizing election fraud. “Going it alone” means ramming through an overhaul of our system of government on a single-party basis after discarding the filibuster.

Schumer has been twisting the arms of Democrat senators who might not have the belly to betray their country for their party. Other senators will not need any arm-twisting.

A “senior Democratic aide” confides that Schumer has been meeting with several senators, including Senate Rules Committee Chairwoman Amy Klobuchar and filibuster reform advocate Jeff Merkley. They are having “earnest conversations with their colleagues about the need to get voting rights legislation passed immediately” — by hook or by crook.

Outside groups, and a growing number of Democratic senators, are pushing to create an exemption from the filibuster that would let voting rights legislation pass by a simple majority.

That way, Democrats don’t have to worry about the midterms bloodbath bearing down on them.

Joe Biden — a tool for the ultraleft with no principles whatsoever, no honor, and no loyalty to the Constitution or the United States — is unsurprisingly egging them on:

In a boost for reform advocates, Biden indicated during a CNN town hall last month that he was open to changing the filibuster for voting rights.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, possibly the only Americans left in the Democratic Party, can stop this. If they falter, we are headed for civil war.

If Democrats steamroll through the filibuster to seize control of elections with the obvious purpose of engineering the outcome, this will be blocked by the Supreme Court. Then Biden will pack the court with rubber stamps of the Merrick Garland stripe, as he has said he is willing to do.

At that point, it will become clear to everyone in America what the Second Amendment is all about.

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