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Sep 11 2020

Democrats in Deep With Black Lives Matter Riots

Despite Biden finally issuing a vague and tepid condemnation of the political violence that has been going on for months (while absurdly trying to blame it on Trump), the Democrat Party has affiliated itself with Black Lives Matter from its beginnings during the Obama/Biden Administration. The party’s endorsement was made official by the Democrat National Committee, and made into a pageant during the Democratic National Convention, after BLM had become synonymous with rioting. It should surprise no one that a Democrat staffer in the state legislature was arrested for interfering with a police officer during the BLM-inspired rioting that has disfigured Portland on a nightly basis for the past 2 months:

The police arrested Kristina Narayan, who is legislative director for the top Democrat in Oregon’s House of Representatives, along with 58 others during a riot that began Saturday night and continued into Sunday morning, according to a Portland Police Bureau report. Narayan has worked for House Speaker Tina Kotek since 2016.

Yet another riot was declared after the mostly peaceful protesters threw a firebomb at the police, in addition to rocks, fireworks, and mortars.

Leaders on both the right and the left have condemned the Portland City Council and Mayor Ted Wheeler (D.) for “endorsing” the riots and destruction.

Neither Narayan nor Wheeler is the most prominent Democrat to support the riots and the toxic ideology that drives them. As noted earlier, Kamala Harris has raised money to bail out violent felons so they can resume rioting. She is effectively still at it:

Harris called on her followers to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) in a June 1 tweet, saying that contributions to the fund would help post bail for people arrested during protests against the police-custody death of George Floyd, which sparked nationwide unrest and riots across the country.

The fundraising page Harris linked to in her tweet, which contains a picture of Harris and the slogan for her former presidential campaign, is still actively accepting donations. The Daily Caller News Foundation verified Harris’s link was still active by making a $1 contribution through the page Thursday afternoon.

Among the people that MFF bailed out of jail after Floyd’s death include Jaleel Stallings, who according to Fox9 faces attempted murder charges for shooting at members of a SWAT Team during riots in late May.

Stallings is far from the only suspected sociopath to be set loose upon the public thanks to the MFF.

At least 13 Biden staffers have donated their money to this riot-facilitating organization.

The initial propaganda blast following George Floyd’s overindulgence in fentanyl spooked the herd into a stampede that made Black Lives Matter seem like a safe side to take. But hitching the Democrat Party cart to a mob of Marxist rioters may not pay off so well with the public, now that an awareness of what BLM actually stands for has begun to permeate the media’s spin.

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