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Jul 20 2021

Democrats Move to Rename 1,441 Places

It is as if Democrats have learned that they only have a few months to erase American heritage and replace it with a contrived heritage of their own design. The steady stream of politically motivated renaming that turned Mount McKinley into Denali and Phoenix’s Squaw Peak into Piestewa Peak has become a torrent as they throw their pushy, ham-fisted moonbattery into overdrive:

Congressional Democrats introduced a bill Friday to rename more than 1,000 places in the US named with offensive language and racist slurs.

While the economy collapses, Democrats occupy themselves by scouring the country for offensiveness, investigating even the most obscure locations.

The bill was sponsored by ultraradicals, who are steering the ship where the Democratic Party is concerned:

Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Edward Markey, and Rep. Al Green introduced the bill along with 25 cosponsors in the House of Representatives, all Democrats. …

According to the statement from the lawmakers, questionable names have been identified for 1,441 federally recognized places.

Maybe they can start a jobs program by hiring Victim Studies graduates to come up with new names that no liberal will find offensive. It isn’t easily done these days. They can’t name every mountain and river after George Floyd.

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