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Aug 07 2021

What to Do About White Settlement?

Nothing must be left untouched by the progressive craze for renaming. That way, no matter where we look, we will see that open-minded liberals are in control, and that no alternatives to their worldview are permitted. Democrats have moved to rename 1,441 places for having names deemed noncompliant with their ideology. High on the list may be White Settlement, Texas (pop. 17,851), a suburb in the Fort Worth area that started out as a mid-19th century encampment surrounded by Indian villages.

The reason moonbats are able to obliterate American heritage by renaming everything to comply with their dogma is that Republicans offer little or no resistance. Sometimes they even collude.

The town gives its name to White Settlement Road, which goes into downtown Fort Worth. Via NBCDFW:

Newly elected Fort Worth mayor Mattie Parker said she asked city staff to look into a possible renaming of the road in a city council meeting Tuesday.

Mattie Parker is Republican — or at least as close to Republican as a big city mayor can get these days.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram pushes for White Settlement Road to be abolished, calling on readers to submit suggestions for a more politically correct name. Any ideas?

As for the town itself, it has demonstrated Texan character by resisting pressure to toe the PC line. Residents voted in 2005 to keep its name by a 9:1 margin, even though all things white are now bad.

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