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Jul 27 2021

Demographic Death Encroaches

Feminism, abortion, the decline of the conventional family, and other manifestations of moonbattery are literally killing the American nation. By not reproducing, we are canceling the future.

As with other aspects of national decline, overreaction to Covid has escalated the decay:

America’s weak population growth, already held back by a decadelong fertility slump, is dropping closer to zero because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In half of all states last year, more people died than were born, up from five states in 2019. Early estimates show the total U.S. population grew 0.35% for the year ended July 1, 2020, the lowest ever documented, and growth is expected to remain near flat this year.

The US population could actually shrink.

Fertility may not bounce back even after the liberal establishment admits Covid is over. Births didn’t rebound after the 2008 recession, despite the prosperity of the Trump years.

In the medium term, this is an existential problem. In the short term, it is an economic one:

“The economy of the developed world for the last two centuries now has been built on demographic expansion,” said Richard Jackson, president of the Global Aging Institute, a nonprofit research and education group.

No worries. Since we have stopped making new Americans, we can just import people from abroad:

Immigration, which accounted for between a third and half of U.S. population growth during the past decade, is moving toward a resurgence because the Biden administration eased some restrictions enacted during the Trump years. … Years of strong immigration could help offset fewer births.

However, even if we can import enough people from abroad to prevent Social Security from immediate collapse, the existential problem remains. The higher the volume of immigrants, the lower the rate of assimilation. Unskilled, uneducated needy people from the jungles of Central America are not going to replace the new citizens who used to emerge from behind the USA’s white picket fences. As we are displaced from abroad, this will stop being our country and become theirs — a Third World country, except with cold weather.

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