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Jul 27 2021

Why Twitter Finally Banned Nation of Islam

As a primary information gatekeeper of the public square, Twitter was willing to permanently ban the sitting President of the United States for political reasons. It locked the account of a nationally prominent newspaper to prevent people from learning discrediting information about the Biden crime family just before the election. But it wasn’t willing to ban Nation of Islam — despite a long history of vehement racism against whites and Jews — until now:

The Nation of Islam, an extremist antisemitic group [run] by Louis Farrakhan, was banned from Twitter for criticizing mRNA vaccines. Twitter previously declined to ban Farrakhan’s personal account or the group account for their routine harassment of Jewish people.

Calypso Louie et al. hate whites too. Their doctrine states that “the whole Caucasian race is a race of devils . . . the evil and murderous race.” The Nation of Islam splinter group Death Angels stalked and killed 71 people for being white. But no one dares complain about antiwhite racism, now that Critical Race Theory is our official National Religion.

Like the guards at Auschwitz, Twitter was just following orders:

A report cited by the White House this month said that 12 Twitter accounts are responsible for 65 percent of supposed anti-vaccine content. One of the 12 listed was Rizza Islam, a Nation of Islam member. While Twitter took action against the group after perpetual mRNA vaccines criticism, it remained silent on its previous anti-semitism.

If riling up black mobs against Jews were a problem, Al Sharpton would not be a member in good standing of the liberal establishment after igniting Crown Heights and Freddie’s Fashion Mart. But questioning the wisdom of making everyone take an experimental vaccine — even those already immune due to previous infection or who are too young to benefit — is disapproved of by the government Twitter was instrumental in installing in power.

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