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Jul 06 2022

Dems Can’t Have It Both Ways on Guns and Blacks

Democrats demonize the NRA, while presenting themselves as the heroic saviors of blacks. This won’t wash with people who know history. Sam Jacobs, for example:

[T]he NRA has historically opposed laws that were virtually tailor made to deny African-Americans the right to keep and bear arms. Many gun control laws to this day stem from the KKK’s fear of armed and independent minorities. The Rosewood Massacre in 1923 – a bloodbath led by a white mob that resulted in the destruction of an entire black community in Florida – was a clear example of how an armed black people could prevent future KKK raids. …

[T]he uptick in black NRA members as well as gun ownership and firearms acceptability in the black community isn’t an anomaly, but a reconnection with a deeper past stretching back to Reconstruction. The right to keep and carry arms was even mentioned in the infamous Supreme Court case of Scott v. Sandford, where the enslaved Dred Scott sued for his freedom.

Jerone Davison is a former ASU and NFL running back who is running to represent Arizona’s 1.8% black 4th congressional district. He knows history too:

Founded by Democrats, the KKK has been referred to as the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party. In its prime, it served a role similar to today’s Antifa. The more things change…

Guns are called equalizers for good reason. That’s why women carry them to prevent being raped.

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