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Jul 06 2022

Dutch Authorities Get Desperate

As leftists become increasingly desperate in their bid to achieve total power, they will inevitably target the food supply, in the name of either equity or the climate. In the Netherlands, it’s the climate. Farmers have been pushing back, causing the authorities to become more desperate still.

They are shutting down a high percentage of Dutch farms in the name of suppressing nitrogen, which makes up 78% of the atmosphere, but which now apparently causes climate change according to moonbat ideology. Farmers have responded by blocking roads and spraying government buildings with manure. Authorities are responding to the response like this:

They even appear to be resorting to agent provocateurs:

The rubber is beginning to hit the road. People are figuring out that the Liberal World Order does not mean them well. They will push back. But globalist authoritarians are too close to inflicting utopia to give up on it now.

On tips from KirklesWorth and Wiggins.


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