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Jan 29 2021

Dems Donate to Alleged Axe-Wielding Maniac

Don’t be too hard on Kamala Harris for raising funds to bail out rioters so that they can go back to trashing their city. She’s not the only one:

Three prominent Democrats in North Dakota donated to the legal defense fund of a man arrested for attacking the office of Republican Senator John Hoeven with an axe.

Video shows a presumably mostly peaceful protester smashing windows and an intercom at Hoeven’s office building in downtown Fargo last December 21, causing an estimated $3,800 worth of damage.

The suspect was identified as 30-year-old Thomas “Tas” Starks.

According to police, one of Starks’ co-workers called him “‘politically open and motivated,’ left-leaning, and ‘very active in protests.’”

Few are likely to be surprised that Starks is a moonbat. The Capitol Riot was an exception proving the rule that virtually all political violence in this country comes from the Left.

Starks’ wife, Laura Starks, organized a Gofundme fundraiser to cover his legal expenses. …

Three prominent North Dakota Democrats have contributed to this defense fund. They are: Ellen Chaffee, the Democrat Party’s nominee for lieutenant governor in 2012, Party Executive Committee Representative and left-wing columnist Ellie Shockley, and Democratic-NPL Party Chairwoman Kylie Oversen.

What, no mention of Kamala Harris? Put your money where your mouth is, Kamala!

Shockley was the first contributor, bestowing $500.

In addition, Shockley evidently had a large hand in promoting the fundraiser. According to the Post Millennial, she promoted the fund several times on social media and has a personal relationship with the Starks family through “unions and activism.”

“Please, please, please” pleaded Shockley, as she exhorted fellow moonbats to give to Starks on her Fakebook page. She doesn’t seem to doubt Starks’s guilt, proclaiming that she believes “in rehabilitation, not retribution.” I doubt this would apply to the rioters at the Capitol.

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