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Jan 16 2023

Discussing Uterus Transplants at Children’s Hospital

According to liberal ideology, the body “assigned” at birth might be a mistake. Therefore, it should be altered as grotesquely as necessary to confirm the delusions of the sexually insane, who are to be transformed into horrific parodies of the opposite sex. The next step is to install uteruses.

A fellow calling himself Alicyn Simpson works with the pediatric Gender and Sexual Development Program at University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. At a presentation last May entitled “Fertility in the LGBTQIA+ Community” that recently came to light, Simpson…

…discussed the criteria the medical community uses for gender transition in adolescents, as well as a 2018 study on uterine transplants for transgender patients. …

Simpson said that trans men “assigned female at birth” would discuss the possibility of giving their reproductive organs to trans females. …

Simpson, who described coming out as transgender 30 years ago, said the research revealed a majority of trans women “would choose to have female physiological experiences” such as menstruation and pregnancy, with the aid of a “vaginal transplant” and “uterine transplant.”

“One of the main reasons I do the work that I do, is the desire to push us in that direction,” Simpson admitted.

That revelation should open some eyes regarding the sort of people who have been infiltrating schools and even children’s hospitals.

In Simpson’s full presentation, the coordinator says that children at the onset of puberty who “come out” as transgender are “encouraged” to socially transition to their gender of choice.

The choice is actually made by their woke and/or sexually depraved parents or guardians.

Insidious? Try nightmarish.

It is hard to imagine what blasphemies could have been committed in Sodom and Gomorrah that would exceed the crimes against nature that we see unfolding.

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