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Jul 11 2022

DoT Power Grab Ignores Supreme Court Ruling

The good news is that the Supreme Court has ruled that unelected federal bureauweenies like Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg cannot regulate us into abject poverty in the name of their climate ideology without legislation. The bad news is that Democrats don’t care:

In West Virginia v. EPA, the Court ruled that regulatory agencies can’t impose costly new regulations without a clear direction from Congress.

And yet:

Now the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) wants to take this abuse of authority on the road. It cites an obscure provision in federal law that authorizes it to set national “performance” goals for the national highway system. The law defines these goals as safety, infrastructure condition, congestion reduction, system reliability, freight movement and economic vitality, environmental sustainability and reduced project delivery delays.

FHWA says this “environmental sustainability” language allows it to regulate CO2 emissions.

Everything we do, including breathing, produces the harmless CO2 emissions that according to liberal dogma control the global temperature. The FHWA is claiming the authority to dictate all human behavior.

They want to start by abolishing affordable transportation. A familiar tactic is employed; states that do not sufficiently suppress CO2-emitting traffic on highways will be denied federal funding. They confiscate your money, then dole some of it back to you on the condition that you do as you are told.

The proposed rule also says states will be required “to establish declining targets for reductions in tailpipe CO2 emissions” on the national highway system. This sounds like DOT conscripting states into regulating vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, which states are expressly barred from doing under federal law.

Law is a tool that Democrats use only when it suits their purposes. Their purpose here is to suppress transportation. What else would you expect of the Department of Transportation, considering that the Biden Regime is straight out of George Orwell?

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