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Mar 05 2021

eBay Cancels Dr Seuss

Instead of backing off, the liberal establishment is doubling down on its absurd but alarming cancelation of Dr Seuss books as politically incorrect. Old copies of the six titles that were banned by his own publisher have been fetching a pretty penny, but you can’t sell them on eBay because the harmless books have been banned there too.

Here is what you get from eBay if you try to deal in Dr Seuss contraband:

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Online marketplace eBay Inc. said it is working to prevent the resale of six Dr. Seuss books that were pulled earlier this week by the company in charge of the late author’s works because they contain offensive imagery.

It is not enough to stop publishing the beloved books. Sales of old copies must be prohibited.

The next step is Democrat authorities going door to door searching for hidden copies to burn.

Amazon also censors books, and not only children’s books.

A spokesman for Encounter Books, which published “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,” by conservative scholar Ryan T. Anderson, said on Thursday that the publishing house still hasn’t received an explanation for why the book was removed from sale.

Amazon refused to explain itself, but the explanation is obvious: the book does not support the transsexual agenda, which is promoted by the liberal establishment.

As for the “offensive imagery” that has resulted in the banning of the Dr Seuss books, Breitbart reports that the “material in question is believed to pertain to illustrations of Asian people wearing pointy hats and eating with chopsticks.”

That’s the level of nonsense that progressives would sacrifice free speech over.

Dr Seuss may be the perfect trial balloon. He appealed to most everyone, and was completely inoffensive to any reasonable person. If they can ban Dr Seuss, they have proved that they can ban anyone.

No doubt publishers are getting the message that there is no point considering manuscripts by conservative authors, all of whom may disappear down the memory hole at any moment.

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