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Mar 06 2021

Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie

The liberal establishment has begun to ban books by Dr Seuss. But at least it will let your kids play with the new Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie.

Gushes Mattel:

A champion of policies around civil and economic rights, her passionate advocacy was unwavering, even when faced with resistance. Earning the title “First Lady of the World” for her hard work and dedication to humanitarian efforts, Eleanor Roosevelt’s perseverance redefined the role of women in politics and public life.

We don’t need constitutional rights anymore. Now we have civil and economic rights. Civil rights are special privileges doled out to favored identity groups. Economic rights are socialism.

Yahoo growls that Barbie has not always been so politically correct:

The petite, 60-year-old doll was derided by some for decades (and still is) over her comically unrealistic proportions and details — from her tiny waist to her stiletto-ready feet — and accused, even found through studies, of doing years of damage to the collective body image of little girls everywhere. Not to mention its diversity problem.

But if Mattel is sufficiently obsequious in its attempts to redeem itself in the eyes of the woke, maybe it can escape cancelation.

Mattel has been making obvious efforts over the years to turn its Barbie brand around, introducing dolls representing a range of races, physical abilities, body sizes and careers, as well as continuing its Inspiring Women series — releasing Roosevelt, which hit shelves on Wednesday, along with its “You Can Be Anything” virtual series, starting Saturday, ahead of International Women’s Day, spotlighting current role models including Yara Shahidi and Adwoa Aboah.

Yara Shahidi and Adwoa Aboah are important because they are racially stylish. Adwoa Aboah has also helped to combat lookism by proving that you don’t have to be attractive to be a fashion model these days.

Speaking of lookism, FDR would have loved it if Eleanor had looked like this:

The real Eleanor was less of a doll:

The War on History continues. Future versions of the Eleanor Roosevelt Barbie will probably assign her to a less problematic racial group.

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