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Mar 08 2021

Pepe le Pew Gets Canceled

They came for Dr Seuss. Now they are coming for Pepe le Pew:

The scariest thing about leftist blowhards like Blow is that, having no sense of humor, they lose all critical perspective. Anyone deranged enough to regard Pepe le Pew cartoons as a promotion of rape culture is deranged enough to impose a culture no reasonable person would want to live in.

As noted at Not the Bee,

When you bring an adult’s eye to a cartoon, and all the baggage and damage and neuroses that come with it, you will come away with a perspective that bears no resemblance to how it is perceived by a child.

If progressives had any respect for the innocence of children, they wouldn’t push them to become transsexual. They see children as pawns, whose cluelessness can be exploited to advance the leftist agenda. Ironically, Charles Blow’s employers at the New York Times probably see him the same way.

On a tip from Lyle.


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One Response to “Pepe le Pew Gets Canceled”

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