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Jan 02 2023

Educational Achievement Downgraded for Equity

What goes around, comes around. The liberal education establishment has been at the cutting edge of abolishing merit in the name of equity:

Today, at least two-thirds of higher education institutions, including Harvard and Stanford, don’t require the SAT for admission. The American Bar Association recently announced it will drop the LSAT as an admissions requirement for law school. And now, some are calling for the prestigious MCAT to be scrapped as the gold standard for medical school admissions — all in the name of racial equity.

Now the prestige colleges offer in return for stratospheric tuition has itself been devalued in the interests of that same equity:

A LinkedIn posting by HR&A Advisors, the TriBeCa-based real estate consultancy, asked applicants for the $121,668- to $138,432-a-year position to remove “all undergraduate and graduate school name references” from their résumés and only cite the degree itself. A quick spin through a few other HR&A job postings confirmed that this policy extends company-wide as part of their “ongoing work to build a hiring system that is free from bias and based on candidate merit and performance.”

If there is no difference between students who score high or low on admission tests, then there is no difference between those who attend competitive schools or crummy ones. All that matters according to the new rules is the privilege earned by belonging to allegedly oppressed identity groups.

At a time when equity and inclusion policies have become corporate must-haves, efforts to ignore educational bona fides for new hires are hardly surprising. After all, as colleges and even the military (which no longer requires a high school diploma) drop the most basic entry requirements, why shouldn’t the private sector follow suit?

When there is no recognition of merit, there will be no motivation to strive. It isn’t just respect for excellence that moonbattery is abolishing; it is excellence itself.

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3 Responses to “Educational Achievement Downgraded for Equity”

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