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Sep 08 2021

Ellen Barkin Calls for an End to Cis White Males

You can be President of the United States and get banned from Twitter if Big Tech information gatekeepers regard you as politically incorrect. But so long as she is firmly on the left, an aging Hollyweird starlet feels no need to hold anything back. She might even issue a bigoted call for an end to a hated intersectional identity group:

You can get away with being white, male, or heterosexual, but not all three. It would be homophobic, racist, and sexist not to hate cis white males. They must be marginalized until such a time as they can be driven out of existence.

With critical theory/cultural Marxism ensconced as our state religion under Democrat rule, Ellen’s attitude is the guiding principle of the federal government, imposed at every level with ever-increasing intolerance.

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