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May 07 2023

EU Parliament Features Blasphemous Pervert Jesus

The leftists who dominate Europe are not indifferent to decency, virtue, and morality, but rather openly hostile. This has been made explicit at an art exhibit in the European Union Parliament building in Brussels:

The artwork, a series of photographs by lesbian Swedish photographer Elisabeth Ohlson, includes one of a man who is meant to represent Christ wearing a white robe and a halo made out of stars above his head. The man is surrounded by seven men who are wearing leather-based fetish clothing associated with BDSM fetishism.

Ohlson said the photographs are meant to depict Christ supporting homosexual rights.

Homosexuals/transsexuals are the most privileged group in modern society. No one needs to support homosexual rights. That would be like supporting gravity. When libs say “homosexual rights,” what they mean is “homosexual activity.”

Even most moonbats know that Christ came to redeem us from sin, not to encourage us to wallow in it. That’s why they get a thrill of transgression from excretions like Ohlson’s.

The exhibit … kicked off with a reception hosted by Malin Björk, a member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Left Party.

Glorification of sexual depravity and blasphemous desecration of Christianity are two sides of the same coin. It is the coin of the realm among leftists.

Ohlson demonstrates how to get mediocre artwork promoted by the liberal establishment:

The artist has a history of making blasphemous artwork that goes back decades. Starting in 1998, she toured Sweden with an exhibition called Ecce Homo, which contained several blasphemous depictions of Christ that promoted homosexuality, transgenderism, and BDSM fetishism. The exhibit was displayed in numerous churches that are in communion with the Lutheran Church of Sweden.

Beware fallen churches. The Church of Sweden is no longer Christian.

Thanks to moonbattery, this is what Europe has to offer now, in place of Leonardo da Vinci:

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