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Jan 04 2024

Face of UN Women UK Is White-Hating Black Man

Women are not faring well in the leftist pecking order. When they aren’t getting raped and murdered by Hamas with feminist approval, they are getting displaced by cross-dressing men — even in women’s organizations:

Women’s rights groups have written in opposition to a decision by UN Women UK to have a transgender woman as its “UK champion”.

They have voiced their “dismay and disappointment” following the decision to select Munroe Bergdorf, 36, a model and broadcaster, to take on the role in November.

Nice to see some women’s rights groups still support women. Other ostensibly feminist groups have been subordinated to the greater liberal agenda, which calls for the sacrifice of women to terrorist savages and male perverts.

UN Women UK works in support of UN Women in a bid to transform the lives of women and girls along with “empowerment of women equality globally within civil society, government and the corporate sector”.

It empowers women by displacing them and by advancing the LGBT objective of canceling the very concept of women. What do you expect from the United Nations?

Mr. Bergdorf drones that he will “draw attention to the systemic and social impact of misogyny, transphobia and gender-based inequality within the UK.”

He is a fierce opponent not only of transphobia but also of Caucasians. Bergdorf is about as British as he is female. From 2020:

Bergdorf has rejoined L’Oreal Paris after [he] was sacked by the brand in 2017 for posting about “the racial violence of white people”. …

[He] will now join the company’s UK diversity and inclusion advisory board.

Bergdorf temporarily got the boot by shouting that “ALL white people” are guilty of racial violence. He proclaimed that whites’ “entire existence is drenched in racism.” Among the politically orthodox, to accuse someone of racism is the worst possible insult.

Naturally L’Oreal caved to the Powers That Be by bringing Bergdorf back on. If being a left-wing black woman is qualification enough to be Vice President, a Supreme Court Justice, White House Press Secretary, and until this week President of Harvard, surely being a left-wing black transsexual is qualification enough to represent beauty products — as well as women’s organizations like UN Women UK.

Munroe Bergdorf is a woman like Rachel Dolezal is black.

On tips from Franco and ABC of the ANC.


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