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Nov 13 2020

#Foxit Forces Fox News to Hire Crisis Management Team

Allowing itself to be infiltrated by liberals is not paying off for the Fox News Channel. Following upon Chris Wallace’s debate performance and John Roberts’s barking moonbattery, FNC went full moonbat on the election, calling Arizona for Biden absurdly early, refusing to call states for Trump, rushing to anoint Biden President-Elect, and ham-fistedly censoring White House objections to rampant election fraud. Its massive audience is drying up so fast that it has reportedly been forced to hire a crisis management team.

Get woke, go broke. The rule holds for no one more than Fox News, whose main purpose is to provide an alternative to the monochromatic Stalinist hellscape of liberal establishment propaganda on the alphabet channels.

It would be a shame to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are some good programs on Fox News, prominently including Tucker Carlson and Journal Editorial Report.

FNC might still repair the situation by tossing out some of the more flagrant moonbats and apologizing to its viewers. Otherwise, expect talent to follow viewership over to Newsmax and One America.

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One Response to “#Foxit Forces Fox News to Hire Crisis Management Team”

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