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Dec 04 2021

Food Is Racist

A witchdoctor might achieve total power in a community of savages, because he can point a bone at anyone at any time for any reason or no reason at all, forcing them to destroy themselves from within through the belief that they have been cursed. Likewise, our leftist ruling class might denounce anything whatsoever for being a manifestation of white supremacy — even food charity and farmer’s markets:

A lecture series by Duke University researchers focuses on a racial framework to food issues, claiming elements such as food charity and farmer’s markets are part of “White supremacist” food culture.

The lecture, broadcast online as a webinar and provided at a Washington State University summit, places race as the most prominent factor in issues of food scarcity and how society attempts to resolve it. Jennifer Zuckerman and Alison Conrad, both White, of the Duke University World Food Policy Center claim that “Whiteness” has shaped every part of food culture, even labeling “good” and “bad” foods as an expression of racial power dynamics. …

They argue that food charity creates “narratives” that minority communities “can’t take care of themselves” and need help. Particularly, the “mobile produce market” is “White-led” and takes advantage of “majority BIPOC neighborhoods,” creating greater dependence on “White-led institutions.”

No matter what you do, no matter how benevolent, if you are white, it is racist. However, this does not hold true of fools spouting moonbattery from atop the Ivory Tower. Their poppycock, no matter how pernicious, is woke.

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