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Aug 21 2020

Fort Lori Established in Chicago

There is a limit to the chaos Democratic pols will allow to flourish in their cities. They draw the line around their own homes. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan finally shut down the CHAZ/CHOP anarchy zone after mostly peaceful protesters came to terrorize her at her house. The same rule holds for Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, which has also been torn apart by rioting in the name of leftist ideology:

A stretch of Wrightwood Avenue between Kimball Avenue and St. Louis Avenue has been barricaded and blocked by police to keep out protesters after multiple demonstrations directed at the mayor took place near her home in recent weeks. Officers are reportedly under orders to arrest anyone attempting to protest there.

As mayor, Lightfoot receives police protection around-the-clock and there are at least two police vehicles stationed on the block at all times.

Too bad regular Chicagoans don’t get that kind of protection from the mob. They might be able to run a business on the Magnificent Mile without looters driving cars through their front windows.

[N]eighbors say streets are sometimes blocked even when there are no protests, and barricades are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The neighborhood has come to be known as “Fort Lori.”

Rest assured that, rhetoric aside, Democrats will never completely defund the police. There will always be enough cops to keep our rulers safe.

Meanwhile, in other parts of Chicago:

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