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Aug 03 2021

Fourth Capitol Riot Cop Allegedly Commits Suicide

A fourth police officer who was on the scene during the January 6 fiasco has reportedly committed suicide:

The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia announced Monday that two of their officers who responded to the Capitol riot on January 6 died by suicide in July. A department spokesperson identified one officer as Gunther Hashida, a member of the force’s emergency-response team within its special-ops division. Hashida, who joined the MDP in 2003, was found in his home on July 29. Hours later, the department also confirmed the death of Kyle DeFreytag, a four-year veteran assigned to the department’s fifth district, who was found on July 10. …

On January 10, the United States Capitol Police announced that Howard Liebengood had died by suicide. A 16-year veteran of the Capitol Police, he had been assigned to the Senate division of the force. On January 15, a 12-year Metropolitan Police Department veteran, Jeffrey Smith, died by suicide.

Maybe a bunch of rowdy hooligans exploiting minimal security to trespass in the People’s House was so traumatic that not even police officers could deal with the stress. After all, one of our national leaders was so deeply affected that she required psychiatric care, and AOC wasn’t even in the building at the time.

More likely possibilities come to mind. Odds are that not all the law enforcement officers present that day are reliable Democrat pawns like the tearful clown Aquilino Gonell and the hate-hoaxing BLM-supporting leftist Harry A. Dunn. Many details of the event must be kept secret if the establishment narrative is to be propped up until the next election: for example, the details of Ashli Babbitt’s killing.

Since Biden’s handlers took control, it has been hard to keep paranoia at bay. Convenient suicides are to be expected under leftist rule. Don’t be surprised if the mode of suicide turns out to be two shots to the back of the head. Democrats are pulling out all the stops, as their recent attempts to unconstitutionally take federal control of elections makes clear.

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