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Aug 03 2021

Anti-American Gwen Berry Bombs

Not that I recommend wasting your time by watching, but the Olympics are going well this summer. The odious Megan Rapinoe and her kneeling band of America-denouncers were knocked out of gold medal contention by the Canadian women’s soccer team. The flabby middle-aged man from New Zealand who was absurdly allowed to compete as a woman floundered in weightlifting. Now Gwen Berry, best known for her public display of contempt for the US flag and anthem, performed poorly and will miss her chance to “represent the oppressed” on the podium.

The New York Post reports:

Gwen Berry failed to medal during the women’s hammer throw finals on Tuesday. Berry finished in eleventh place out of twelve competitors…

She needn’t worry. After stumbling out of the gate and then quitting on her team because she wasn’t having “fun,” Simone Biles is expected to actually gain endorsement deals. Surely woke corporations won’t neglect Gwen Berry, who makes a pageant of her correct politics and at least didn’t quit.

Things have come to a pretty pass when you find yourself rooting for Americans to lose. But then, if Megan Rapinhoe and Gwen Berry are Americans, the word has no meaning. More accurately, they are anti-Americans. They do not represent the USA any more than the leftist termites who run the government/media do.

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2 Responses to “Anti-American Gwen Berry Bombs”

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