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Sep 04 2020

Free School Supplies Feature Radical Propaganda

Leftists saturate every aspect of our world with propaganda, with an emphasis on the young and impressionable. A particularly insidious example occurred last Monday in Pueblo, Colorado.

Community Resources United and the Pueblo Education Coalition put on a free school supply drive. Parents could drive through the parking lot of the El Pueblo History Museum and pick up a bag of supplies that included a pencil case, highlighters, pencils — and a coloring page with the theme “All Cats Are Beautiful” that caught one parent’s eye:

“I noticed the A.C.A.B letters written on the side of the border. And it kind of triggered something in my brain,” she said. “It was like, I’ve seen that before, I recognize A.C.A.B.”

So would anyone who has seen unairbrushed coverage of the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots that have wreaked devastating havoc for the past 3 months. Mostly peaceful vandals spray paint “ACAB” onto every available surface. It stands for “All Cops Are Bastards.”

Compared to burning down Minneapolis, this might seem too subtle to be the work of today’s emboldened moonbats. But it was no coincidence. The bag also included a flier listing reasons to defund the Pueblo Police Department.

At this point, you can no longer ignore them. They have infiltrated everything. It’s not as if you can turn on a ball game and escape from leftism. All you can do is turn and fight back.

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