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Oct 13 2021

Gadsden Flag Flying High

The crisis Southwest Airlines inflicted on itself by attempting to impose Biden’s vaccine mandate on patriotic pilots was absurdly chalked up to weather and air traffic control problems that mysteriously did not affect other airlines. The liberal establishment media has helpfully tried to prop up this lame story, spinning the understanding that pilots walked out rather than submit to senseless tyranny as disinformation disseminated by “right-wing figures.” Newsweek squeaks that it “cannot authenticate details” regarding the image below, which they must have tried and failed to debunk. It features a flag associated with patriotism and resistance to tyranny (and also, as Newsweek chides, “far-right and extremist demonstrations”):

It does appear to be a Southwest jet though. Kudos to the patriotic pilot.

Maybe Newsweek journalists will have better luck debunking this:

This story also awaits a fact check from Newsweek:

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