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Oct 11 2021

Southwest Airlines Pilot Pushback Against Covid Tyranny

Covid tyranny may have encountered major pushback at Southwest Airlines. From AP, via Breitbart:

Southwest Airlines canceled hundreds more flights Monday following a weekend of major service disruptions.

By late morning Monday, Southwest had canceled about 365 flights — 10% of its schedule for the day — and more than 600 others were delayed.

Between Saturday and Sunday, 1,900 fights were canceled. Southwest blamed this on air traffic control issues and bad weather. As for the real reason:

The widespread disruptions began shortly after the union for its pilots asked a federal court to block the airline’s order that all employees get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Looks like this is a sickout by pilots, although the union won’t say so.

The White House has pushed airlines to adopt vaccine mandates because they get paid under federal contracts, making them subject to President Joe Biden’s order that federal contractors require vaccination among employees.

Since we can’t count on the media to dig deeper into stories that don’t reflect well on Democrats, we pick up clues as to what is going on wherever we can. This has been floating around the Internet, allegedly written by someone in the airline industry:

I asked one of the pilots about it. The answer I got was (paraphrasing):

80% of our pilots are ex-military. We see the tyranny that’s happening. They’re coming for essential workers first (nurses, doctors, firefighters, police, military, teachers and transportation workers) and they’re coming for the rest of America next. We’re not doing it for us, we’re doing it for America. We swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic

The treasonous Biden Administration clearly qualifies as a domestic enemy.

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