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Nov 24 2021

Gay Santa Claus Ad From Norwegian Postal Service

Before erasing all of our cultural traditions, first leftist social engineers defile them. For example, Santa Claus is now homosexual, according to a lavishly produced commercial for Norway’s state-owned postal service:

‘When Harry Met Santa’ depicts the blossoming love affair between a Norwegian man and Father Christmas himself. Over several years, Santa visits ‘Harry,’ and the pair fall for each other. The advert ends with a passionate kiss between the two men, as Posten, the country’s postal service, handles Santa’s deliveries for the night.

Unsurprisingly, LGBT militants are delighted.

Nonwoke Norwegians must be almost to the point of looking forward to Putin coming in and putting a stop to the rot before it can get even more disgusting than this.

On a tip from AintYerPa.


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