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Jun 01 2021

Gender Affirmation Surgery for the Asexual

As preschoolers can learn by watching Nick Jr, they now have the option of identifying as ace, which is short for asexual. It would be discriminatory for our politically enlightened medical community not to offer “gender affirmation” surgery for this historically marginalized identity group, and so:

Nullo’ or ‘smoothie’ is the term for men who voluntarily undergo surgery to have their genitals removed. … Gregg (not his real name) spoke to Queerty about his experience of nullification surgery. He describes how doctors remove a patient’s testicles, scrotum and penis before they, “essentially just sew the skin up into a very tight vertical line which kind of fades away. If the surgeon’s great, there’s no scar at the end of it, and they relocate the urethra down to kind of between your legs.”

Members of the nullo community are not transgender; they are not looking to replace a penis with a vagina – although studies suggest that some later come to identify as women. More identify as gender neutral.

As progressives make the whole topic of sexuality progressively more disgusting, and societal decay leaches sex of all meaning, asexual nullos will increase in number.

Nullification is presented as a way for gender non-conforming people “to enjoy a body that looks closer on the outside to the way they feel on the inside.”

According to liberal dogma, what people objectively are must be subordinated to what they feel they would like to be. Soon furries will be surgically transformed into grotesque parodies of four-legged animals, just like The Island of Doctor Moreau in reverse. We are living in a surreal horror film.

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