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May 30 2021

Children’s Show Promotes Pansexual Families

If what they are doing to the economy doesn’t motivate you to push back against liberals, maybe what they are doing to children will do the job. Yahoo Life effervescently reports on yet another attempt to indoctrinate kids to embrace sexual deviancy:

LGBTQ-inclusive kids’ shows are starting to pop up in preparation for Pride Month in June, and Blue’s Clues is getting in on the action with an adorable song and video featuring a [cartoon] version of Drag Race star, Nina West.

Nina West is the stage name of drag queen Andrew Levitt.

The Blue’s Clues sing-along video showcases families with two moms, two dads, ace, pans, trans, non-binary, and bi parents as they make their way through the parade route, flags flying proudly.

Behold the state of children’s entertainment, as brought into your home by Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr:

For seconds, the kids can watch Little Miss Hot Mess sing “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish Swish Swish.”

In a sane world, everyone would agree that sex should have nothing to do with children other than creating them. But sex is not for procreation in a society dominated by moonbats. It is for perverting and politicizing. Nothing could be more perverted than exposing kids to leftists’ grotesque sexual ideology.

Those young enough to watch this stuff won’t understand what “nonbinary,” “ace” (asexual), “bi,” “pan,” et cetera mean. Maybe liberal parents are expected to fill in details that for now can’t be televised. Or maybe the idea is to establish positive connotations in the minds of rug rats so they will be eager to study pansexuality when public schools incorporate it into the grade school curriculum.

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