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Oct 26 2021

German Woman Sentenced for Killing 5-Year-Old Slave Girl

Anglo-Saxons are primarily responsible for marginalizing slavery, which was a universal institution from before recorded history until the British Navy largely put a stop to it. But it still does exist, in the sort of cultures liberals extol — for example, under Islam:

A German Muslim convert who joined the Islamic State group in Iraq has been jailed for 10 years in Munich over the killing of a Yazidi girl she and her husband had bought as a slave.

Murder is practically a misdemeanor in European countries that have succumbed to moonbattery.

Jennifer Wenisch was judged to have committed a crime against humanity, having stood by when her husband left the five-year-old to die of thirst, chained outside in the blazing sun.

Wenisch’s willingness to embrace multiculturalism would be a mitigating factor, but it was countered by her cultural appropriation.

Wenisch’s husband, an Iraqi jihadist, is on trial in Frankfurt.

Many Yazidis were enslaved by ISIS, after Obama dismissed it as a JV team and let it flourish in Iraq. Yazidis are not Muslim, so they were singled out for abuse.

Meanwhile, regular Americans are supposed to cringe in guilt because there was slavery here in centuries past, before we spent 620,000 lives to end it.

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