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Dec 03 2023

Call of the Muezzin Opens German Christmas Market

In Germany, traditional Christmas markets are opening. It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas — Christmas in Istanbul:

Via Allah’s Willing Executioners:

In Karlstadt, a tranquil little town in Franconia, the Andreasmarkt took place on November 26, which this year was intended to bring visitors closer to Islam.

Because that’s what Christmas is all about nowadays.

After the opening, the event continued in the spirit of oriental-Islamic customs: relevant Muslim prayer practices were presented on stage, for example the postures in which symbolic submission should take place.

Christian Christmas carols were completely dispensed with at the advertised “pre-Christmas flea market”, with a children’s choir performing Muslim songs instead.

Speaking of Istanbul, it was the capital of the Christian world for many centuries. But then the Byzantine empire fell to Islam — like Germany is doing, except it put up a fight.

At least the Karlstadt Christmas market might be spared an Islamic terror attack, like the truck bomb that killed 12 in Berlin a few years ago, and the plot intended to “kill as many as possible” at the Cologne Christmas market that was just foiled.

Dec 01 2023

Open Thread

As long as you remember that if you get involved in politics, you have to be very careful that your leader is for Allah. You don't get involved in politics because it's the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam. - Siraj Wahhaj

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Nov 30 2023

Falling Christmas Part II

The symbolism of the national Christmas tree falling over was relatively subtle. The Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting ceremony more explicitly reflects civilization under siege:

In the context of recent events, few could be unaware that the Palestinian flag represents Islamic terrorists, who are supported by Western leftists with increasing openness. They have a common enemy: us.

Remember the outpouring of support for the NYPD after officers bravely rushed into the World Trade Center just before it collapsed? The climate in New York City has changed:

As Legal Insurrection reported last night:

It’s getting nasty outside of the Fox News headquarters. The Anti-Israel protesters are fighting with the cops and even set one NYPD hat on fire.

The original intent was to disrupt the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony, which is happening a block away.

It isn’t just New York. On the other side of the country:

Antisemitic Antifa activists, anarchists and other radicals targeted the Seattle Starbucks Reserve Roastery as part of a call to “Block Black Friday.” …

Activists promoted direct action by sharing social media flyers. The flyer claims the protest and mass vandalism were “autonomously organized by Seattle area radicals, anarchists, and community members.” The hope was to “shut [Black Friday] down for Palestine.” …

The damage was significant, yet Seattle Police (SPD) did not intervene.

Police in Seattle have been marginalized to the point of irrelevance in the name of scumbag criminal/liberal demigod George Floyd.

As in the rotting Big Apple, Christmas came under attack:

The group marched into downtown Seattle after their assault on Starbucks. Once there, they disrupted the annual Seattle Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

“Once the group descended upon Westlake Plaza, they spread out within the hundreds of Christmas capitalists gathered for the absurd celebration of excessive consumption,” the Puget Sound anarchist wrote.

Islamic terrorism, hatred of all things Christian, Marxism. Sign up for the Muslim—moonbat alliance and you get the whole package.

The author admits that activists “took over the stage soon after arriving and started throwing Christmas decorations to the ground and trashing the scenery.” There were a handful of activists who stayed on the stage, holding a banner reading “From Turtle Island to Gaza: Land Back.” Land Back refers to a movement of literal land reclamation to its so-called original stewards.

Regarding Turtle Island,

Turtle Island is a name for Earth or North America, used by some Indigenous peoples, as well as by some Indigenous rights activists.

This confirms that leftists support the terrorists attempting to eradicate Jews from their homeland as part of an overall philosophy that everyone white or “white-adjacent” should be eradicated or at the very least confined to Europe, where they are getting swamped into extinction by an endless deluge of welfare colonists from the Middle East and Africa.

While the Christmas tree lightning ceremony was under attack, the police actually arrested someone for vandalizing the Starbucks. The only one arrested was Aly Youssef:

Youssef described himself as a transgender, polyamorous, pansexual, anti-capitalist, autistic Egyptian who is an “honorary member of Trantifa” (a name for transgender Antifa members).

Whether Starbucks would cooperate to allow prosecution was unclear. Most likely, Youssef will go unpunished, with a feather in his/her/its cap to flaunt on social media.

On tips from Wiggins and Barry A.

Nov 21 2023

There to Kill White People

For the latest news on the multicultural enrichment of Europe, turn to Allah’s Willing Executioners, which covers an attack that occurred on a party in Crépol, France over the weekend:

A 16-year-old member of the Romanais Péageois rugby club is said to have had his throat slit, while two other young people suffered life-threatening injuries. A total of 17 people were injured. A security guard’s fingers are said to have been cut off during the attack. Videos on social media show that the attackers were mainly young people with a migration background.

Not to worry, authorities are on the case. Gendarmerie spokeswoman Marie-Laure Pezant has issued a statement:

“If the perpetrators are listening to us, it would perhaps be sensible for them to turn themselves in…”

The motive is not a secret:

The attackers said, “We’re here to kill white people.”

You thought they only wanted to kill Jews? Guess again.

Nov 20 2023

Believe All Women Unless…

If feminists were going to be reasonable about anything, it ought to be Islam, which has treated women as subhuman from the beginning. In the early days of Mohammad’s cult, a primary recruiting tool was the distribution of booty from the caravans it looted — including women who were captured as sex slaves. To this day, Islamic regimes repress women to such an extreme that they are forbidden to show their hair and in some places even their faces. Yet in the aftermath of October 7, feminist groups side with Islam:

After Hamas terrorists set about murdering, raping and abducting as many women as they could, one might have expected widespread condemnation from the West’s feminist groups. After all, Hamas had provided enough evidence of its crimes — within hours, they were posting footage of abducted young women in bloodied trousers being paraded around Gaza.

Not to mention that women’s Achilles tendons were slit so they couldn’t run away before getting gang raped.

The response among the majority of groups committed to ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) was threefold: to keep quiet, to disbelieve the victims, or to insinuate they deserved their fate. In the words of 140 American “prominent feminist scholars”, to stand in solidarity with Israeli women is to give in to “colonial feminism”.

In Liberalese, “colonial” means “pertaining to Western Civilization.”

The British feminist group Feministo has no evident issue with Islam but plenty of problems with all things “colonial” — including the existence of Israel. A demonstration demanding its surrender to terrorists who want the country erased shut down London’s Liverpool Street Station.

Afterwards, the charity issued a 600-word statement, filled with references to “apartheid”, “genocide” and disproved reports that the IDF had bombed Gaza’s Al-Ahli hospital. There was no mention, however, of the 239 abducted Israelis, roughly 100 of whom are believed to be women, or the sexual assaults that took place on October 7. When journalist Hadley Freeman pointed out this wasn’t terribly feminist of them, the group responded by claiming reports of Hamas’s sex attacks amounted to “the Islamophobic and racist weaponisation of sexual violence”. Towards the end of their rambling statement, they concluded: “no people would ever accept being murdered, humiliated, dispossessed, racially targeted, oppressed, cleansed, exiled and colonised without resisting.”

Murder isn’t murder if committed by a favored group against colonial women and children, who are the real murderers according to moonbat ideology.

The horrors inflicted on women on October 7 are well documented. Progressives dismiss the documentation as Israeli propaganda. Believe all women, unless it conflicts with the agenda.

Other feminist groups openly siding with Hamas terrorists in the aftermath of the nightmare last month include Southall Black Sisters, Women for Women UK, Women’s Place UK, and UN Women.

The testimony of Nachman Dyksztejna regarding the Islamic atrocities clarifies what feminists are siding with:

“In Kibbutz Be’eri, I witnessed bodies of two women with their hands and legs tied to a bed. One of these bodies we found was sexually terrorised with a knife stuck in her vagina and all her internal organs removed. After brutally violating these women, Hamas detonated the house on them, so we found them beneath a pile of stones.

“The mini shelters scattered from the Nova party site to road 34, shelters that had been broken into, were filled with piles of women. Their clothing was torn on the upper part, but their bottoms were completely naked. Piles and piles of women, dead bodies, lying this way. When you took a closer look at their heads, you saw a single shot straight to the brain of each.”

The scene makes a good metaphor for what leftists want done to all of us for being “colonial.”

None of this sounds very empowering for women. But then, feminists don’t care any more about women than climate kooks care about the weather or Black Lives Matter fellow travelers care about the welfare of blacks.

The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the destruction of civilization so that it can be replaced by a regime of inescapable moonbattery. Like feminism, Islam makes for a useful wrecking ball.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

Nov 19 2023

CAIR Amplifies Islamic Hate Hoax

Given what they stoop to in order to generate propaganda for their fellow travelers to run with — including torturing and murdering children and their parents in front of each other, as in the October 7 operation — it should surprise no one that jihadists utilize the hate hoax stratagem.

This is sure to yank on heartstrings:

Nasty Jews! Now for the rest of the story:

Authorities in North Ridgeville, Ohio, arrested 20-year-old Hesham A. Ayyad on Tuesday and charged him for allegedly faking a hate crime attack last month.

According to, On Oct. 22 Ayyad told the Cleveland chapter of the Islamic Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that he was assaulted by someone in an SUV making “anti-Palestinian slurs.” However, investigators found his injuries were the result of a fight with his brother.

Not that CAIR would care. It exists to crybully and generate propaganda to advance the spread of Islamic domination.

On Oct. 23, CAIR issued a press release on the incident that said Ayyad was the victim of a “reported hit and run,” and said that “he was walking home from eating lunch when a car slowed down and rolled down the window. The driver of the car allegedly started yelling at him using anti-Palestinian statements like “Kill all Palestinians,” and “Long live Israel,” as he swerved his car to intimidate the victim. The driver then allegedly turned around and hit the man while shouting “DIE!”

If it’s too over the top to be true, that’s probably because it isn’t true — especially if the alleged victim is a member of a preferred victim group.

Hesham A. Ayyad and his brother Khalil A. Ayyad, 19, were both arrested on Tuesday. Hesham was charged with making false alarms, falsification, obstructing official business, domestic violence, and assault. Khalil was charged with domestic violence and assault.

After the truth came to light, CAIR propagandists profusely apologized and pulled the tweet you see above. Or maybe they didn’t.

On a tip from Sean G.

Nov 17 2023

Moonbat–Muslim Alliance Attacks DNC Headquarters

The Democratic Party is under siege by its own leftward flank:

Protestors clashed with police outside of the Democratic National headquarters as pro-Palestine groups flooded the front facility and violence erupted.

Officers have already made at least one arrest for assault on an officer after 150 activists surged towards the Washington, DC, building on Wednesday night.

The incident left six police officers injured from cuts, pepper spray and being punched.

Mostly peaceful liberal protesters frequently attack police officers nowadays. Literally thousands were injured by the Black Lives Matter riots that enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the liberal establishment.

The protesters demand a “ceasefire” — i.e., surrender to Hamas in the aftermath of the horrific October 7 terror atrocities that featured children and their parents being tortured and murdered in front of each other.

Again we see that being on their side hardly protects an institution from leftist bullies. On the contrary, bullies push around those who are susceptible to being pushed. For example, campus protests abound because student hooligans know liberal educrats are likely to give in to even the most outrageous demands, so long as they come from the Left.

Many in the Biden Regime are already on board:

Four hundred government officials from 40 departments and agencies within President Biden’s administration signed a letter opposing the president’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war and demanded a cease-fire.

The Tuesday letter, first reported by the New York Times, includes officials from the State Department, White House, National Security Council and the Justice Department.

Biden has tried to take both sides simultaneously, officially siding with Israel while meanwhile giving $100 million to Hamas, launching a pro-Islam propaganda campaign, and scheming to depose Netanyahu.

Even this is not good enough for today’s Left, which demands total capitulation. Israelis are regarded as white-adjacent. Therefore, they are “colonizers,” despite living on land that has been theirs for millennia. Therefore, “From the River to the Sea” — i.e., they must be eradicated.

Note that who leftists really want to eradicate is regular Americans. This they will do soon after they have managed to disarm us.

With the staggeringly hypocritical projection that characterizes progressives, elected Democrats accuse Israel of “genocide” for resisting genocide.

Lest you thought it was even remotely possible to reason with a moonbat, listen as a fiend protesting in support of torturing children to death shrieks in outrage because a police officer allegedly shoved one of her comrades:

That’s what is taking over the Democratic Party, which has already taken over the media, the schools, and the government.

We are not arguing with opponents. We are staving off hordes of demons.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Varla.

Nov 16 2023

Biden Regime Schemes Against Netanyahu

Since the 1,400-year-old war between Islam and civilization flared up again with the terror atrocities of October 7, the Biden Regime has attempted to play both sides. Officially, it supports Israel. Yet it shovels massive amounts of our money at Hamas, has launched a pro-Islam propaganda campaign, and is attempting to overthrow the Israeli government so as to replace Netanyahu with someone weaker.

Biden’s handlers’ idea of a solution is to move control of Gaza from Hamas terrorists to PLO terrorists. Being no fool, Netanyahu is not on board. So he must be removed:

Sensing that Netanyahu is being hamstrung by his far-right coalition allies, the US has begun to ask about the possibility of a more moderate government being shuffled in, according to a former official.

“The diplomatic umbrella the US and other Western countries are providing Israel to continue operating in Gaza constricts, as civilian casualties mount,” a Biden administration official said on condition of anonymity. “Refusal to cooperate with — and even inhibiting — [our] efforts constrict that umbrella even more.”

Daniel Greenfield aptly describes this as…

…a fancy way of describing threatening to withdraw support from Israel unless Netanyahu rejects the results of a democratic election and forms a coalition with leftists with the aim of appeasing terrorists.

As Afghanistan learned, with friends like the Democrat-controlled USA, you don’t need enemies.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.

Nov 15 2023

Poster Child for German Displacement Weighs In on Israel

The poster child for climate ideology sides with terrorist barbarians against Western Civilization. Where do you suppose Angela Merkel’s poster child for the displacement of the German population stands? has the answer:

Merkel, who in 2015 threw open wide the doors of her country to a million Muslim migrants, under the slogan “Wir schaffen das” (“We Can Do This”), because she was sure that they would be a boon to Germany, at the time famously comforted a “refugee” girl in a video that went viral. That girl was 14-year-old Reem Sahwil, a Palestinian who with her family had. been temporarily admitted to Germany. She was chosen to take part in a discussion between Merkel and a group of “asylum seekers” — really, Muslim economic migrants — and when Merkel said that not everyone who applied for asylum would be granted that status, Reem Sahwil burst into tears. Merkel attempted clumsily to comfort her, patting her on the back, and the video of that entire encounter went viral. The girl’s sobbing had the intended effect, and she and her family were as a result granted residency permits. She was subsequently held up as a “model migrant” who had quickly learned to speak German, and was doing well in school — a Muslim migrant success story.

Here’s what “success” looks like — from NiUS, translation compliments of Allah’s Willing Executioners:

One year later, she shows her true colours – she wants Israel to be wiped out!

Her Instagram profile is sheer anti-Semitism!

The profile picture on her Instagram account shows a person waving the Palestinian flag within the borders of Israel.

The profile picture is synonymous with the Muslim/moonbat chant “From the river to the sea.” It calls for the eradication of Jews from their homeland.

There is a lot of anti-Semitism in Germany’s past — and thanks to leftist demographic displacement policy, even more in its future.

The eradication of Germans from their homeland is not far behind.

On a tip from Blackjack.

Nov 14 2023

Merging Climate Kookery With Support for Hamas

Hats off to Greta Thunberg for helping to make it obvious that with leftists, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always evil.

When climate warriors like Greta demand we stop using fossil fuels in the name of their ideology, only the dimmest of them fail to understand that millions would starve in the resulting economic collapse. That’s fine with them. Some of these people are so wicked, they effectively advocate torturing, maiming, and murdering children as their parents watch because “colonialism”:

Even some fellow climate kooks have had enough:

Thunberg has come under fire for her pro-Palestine stance by Jewish groups, as the German branch of climate movement Fridays for Future also distanced itself from her.

Ms Thunberg, wearing a Palestinian black and white scarf, had urged ‘ceasefire now’ at a climate protest in Amsterdam on Sunday before a man grabbed her microphone and said: ‘I’ve come for a climate demonstration, not a political view.’

As if climate demonstrations were less than 100% political.

The 20-year-old eco-protester had accused ‘the people in power of not listening’ to the ‘voices of those who are being oppressed’ in the Gaza Strip during her speech in front of tens of thousands of climate demonstrators.

“No climate justice on occupied land,” chanted Greta.

Here’s what liberal demigoddess Greta stands with against civilization:

You likely recall one of the first images on October 7 that went viral, an Israeli woman bleeding in the rear end led into a vehicle by terrorist savages.

Video of the scene was posted here back on October 9. This went unnoticed:

The woman’s achilles tendon was cleanly lacerated so she couldn’t run.

Her name is Naama Levi. Pray for her, and that she is returned alive, and the people who did that to her receive even worse judgment.

Also pray that we get the better of the leftists who have rendered us vulnerable to opportunistic infections like Islam, so that more women don’t share her fate as malevolent freaks like Greta Thunberg shriek pro-Hamas slogans.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Nov 12 2023

Muslim Conquerors Defile Remembrance Day in UK

In the USA, Armistice Day is now called Veterans Day. In the UK, November 11 is known as Remembrance Day. The purpose is the same: to honor those who fought to defend their country. Tragically, no one is defending the UK now. Consequently, November 11 has been defiled:

Antisemitic chants and placards were recorded across London as approximately 300,000 pro-Palestine protesters took to the streets in what is believed to be the largest anti-Israel demonstration since the Hamas terror attacks on October 7th when over 1,400 people were brutally murdered by the Islamist terrorists.

The protesters denounce Israel because like Britain it is slated for absorption into the Muslim world.

The so-called “National March for Palestine”, which was reportedly partially organised by at least three Islamic groups with direct ties to Hamas, came as the Metropolitan Police refused to ban the protest despite objections over it being held on Armistice Day, the anniversary of the end of the First World War upon which the nation commemorates the sacrifices of its soldiers.

London authorities under Islamomoonbat Mayor Sadiq Khan side with Hamas. Waving English flags, complaining about the profusion of colonizers’ Palestinian flags signifying support for the October 7 atrocities, or even showing pictures of children kidnapped by Hamas gets you in trouble with the police. England’s capital city has effectively fallen to Islam.

Here’s what the streets of London looked like before leftists inflicted mass immigration:

Here’s what they looked like yesterday:

In a few years, London will be indistinguishable from any other Third World Islamic hellhole. Already, here’s what happens if you wear a patriotic pin in Victoria Station on Remembrance Day:

The complicit media has reacted by screeching surreally about white supremacists. Far, far away from the liberal narrative, back in reality:

In case anyone didn’t get the significance of staging a huge pro-Hamas rally on Armistice Day,

Only a couple of generations ago, Londoners withstood the Nazi blitzkrieg. Now, they surrender without a fight to barbarians who spit on them and openly intend to eradicate them. Leftism has corroded their souls to the point they can no longer function.

Islam is only an opportunistic infection. England is dying of moonbattery.

On tips from Wiggins.

Nov 12 2023

First the Jews and Then…

Sorry moonbats. No matter how obsequiously you pander to Muslims, the crocodile won’t eat you last. Degenerates are next after Jews.

Translation from the German compliments of Allah’s Willing Executioners:

Wolfgang Büscher is concerned. The 65-year-old is the spokesperson for the “Arche” children’s and youth organisation, which looks after around 7,000 children and young people every day at 33 facilities across Germany – many of whom have a migrant background. At work, Büscher has been experiencing an increasing radicalisation of young people for some time, he tells the newspaper “Bild”.

According to the newspaper, young people are increasingly openly welcoming and celebrating Hamas’ terror against Israel. This is made clear by the statement from Arab youths quoted by Büscher: “First we cut the throats of the Jews, then the gays and finally the Christians!”

Unless of course they encounter resistance at some point. But even to criticize their tactics would be racist.

Nov 11 2023

Hamas Supporters Bully New York With Impunity

On September 11, 2001, I trudged north from Lower Manhattan toward Grand Central as part of a surreal procession. Those who were close to the towers during the attack were covered in white dust consisting in part of human remains. No one in that procession could have been surprised to learn that Islamic terrorists were responsible — or unsurprised that in this same city, their supporters would later bully the public with impunity and the tacit consent of local authorities:

In 2001, the police rushed into the World Trade Center just before it collapsed. After a couple decades of liberal rule following Giuliani, no one knows where the police are — but we have managed to locate one of their vehicles:

Good thing I’m not a New Yorker anymore. The shame would be unbearable.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Nov 11 2023

Israel Puts MSM/Hamas Journalists on Termination List

Photojournalists who get paid by the liberal establishment media not only accompanied Hamas terrorists during their horrific atrocities, they even carried grenades…

…and were defended for doing so by the Hamas-friendly Washington Post.

Finally, with Bibi Netanyahu in charge, Israel may be getting tired of goofing around:

Photojournalists like Hassan Eslaiah were on the scene as innocent families were tortured and murdered because they played an essential role in the atrocities, the main point of which was to generate propaganda to fire up Muslims and win the hearts and minds of liberals in the West. Despite getting paid by AP, Reuters, CNN, et al., they are in effect terrorists.

Admittedly, it is hard to draw lines regarding an enemy with no honor that does not obey the rules of warfare. What is the distinction between Hamas terrorists and the Hamas-supporting population of Gaza that they hide behind? It’s not as if the terrorists have uniforms and serial numbers.

Come to think of it, what is the difference between Hamas and the liberal media in general? They are clearly allies, having a common enemy in Western Civilization.

Maybe the Mossad should carry out operations against WaPo.

On a tip from Barry A.


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