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Mar 20 2019

Palestinian Authority Pays Terrorists More Than Doctors

An economy that runs not on productivity but on handouts from fools in the West can provide monetary incentives that would be hard to find elsewhere. Under the Palestinian Authority, terrorists are reportedly paid more than doctors and judges:

According to [a Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)] report, which is based on translations of articles in the PA’s official daily paper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, among other sources, the salaries are enough to cultivate in members of the Hamas terror group admiration for its bitter rival the PA and its umbrella organization the PLO.

Terrorist Marwan Abu Shariah praises the generous PLO:

“I’m in favor of the PLO because I discovered that all of the prisoners, and prime among them the prisoners from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, receive their salaries from the PLO, and that sometimes they are higher than salaries of judges and doctors. This is while their factions did not give them and their families even a tenth of what the PLO gave them, despite the difficulties and harassment that the PLO is dealing with on this matter. If not for these salaries, their families would have been abandoned to their fate. The same is true about the martyrs and the wounded.”

Now you know what American and European tax dollars do after bureaucrats shower them down upon Palestinians.

This isn’t a secret. It is actual law:

Under the PA’s 2004 Law of Prisoners and Released Prisoners, both prisoners and ex-convicts have a right to receive a payments from the PA, which admitted that in 2018 it paid more than $134.2 million in salaries and other benefits to terrorists and released prisoners.

Palestinians have admitted to carrying out terrorist attacks for the money. Any government or other agency that provides aid to the Palestinian Authority is guilty of financing terrorism.

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Mar 19 2019

How to Eat Spaghetti in a Burka

One advantage of multiculturalism is that the juxtaposition of fundamentally incompatible cultures results not only in violence but also sometimes in laughs, as when Muslimas attempt to eat spaghetti while wearing a burka:

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Mar 19 2019

Exploiting the New Zealand Mosque Attack

Paul Joseph Watson weighs in on the alarmingly authoritarian efforts by the liberal establishment to exploit the New Zealand mosque attack:

More on the larger-scale yet widely ignored anti-Christian terrorism in Nigeria here.

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Mar 18 2019

Nahren Anweya vs Ilhan Omar and Sharia

Good thing Assyrian-American human rights activist Nahren Anweya doesn’t work for Fox News. She would be in big trouble for criticizing Ilhan Omar and sharia, just like Jeanine Pirro. Here she is at a Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition’s press conference earlier this month:

There is no Islamophobe like a non-Muslim who knows what life is like under Muslim rule.

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Mar 18 2019

Nigeria Bloodshed Exceeds Christchurch

The media can be expected to bludgeon the public for weeks on end with the shootings in Christchurch. Meanwhile, how much news coverage have you seen regarding the larger-scale killing of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria?

The recent death toll of Christians in Nigeria has reached 120 with [last] week’s slaughter of more than 50 by Fulani Muslim militants in the Kaduna state of Nigeria, the Christian Post reported.

The Fulani jihadists, who have become a greater threat to Nigerian Christians than the Islamist terror group Boko Haram, stormed the villages of Inkirimi, Dogonnoma, and Ungwan Gora in the Kajuru Local Government Area last Monday, destroying 143 homes, killing 52 people, and wounding dozens more.

Unlike Christchurch, this isn’t a one-off.

Monday’s incident followed an attack the day before in the Ungwan Barde village in Kajuru, where 17 Christians were killed and dozens of homes were burned.

In the first week of March, Muslim extremists massacred more than 30 Christians in Karamar village, setting fire to several houses and a church.

This is to be expected anywhere Muslims constitute a large percentage of the population but do not yet completely control the country. For other examples, refer to Lebanon in the 1980s or France in the 2020s.

This story doesn’t fit the media’s Islamophile narrative, so don’t expect to see much about it on TV.

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Mar 18 2019

Jeanine Pirro Suspended for Criticizing Sharia

When Jeanine Pirro criticized Islamomoonbat congresscritter Ilhan Omar and noted the impossibility of staying true to both the US Constitution and sharia, she was strongly condemned by her employers at Fox News. The harsh talk has been followed by action. For the time being, she has been pulled from the air:

FNC host Howard Kurtz observed on Media Buzz: “A Fox spokesperson says, ‘We are not commenting on internal scheduling matters.’ And yet — without some public explanation of why the show was pulled — it certainly looks like a suspension.”

Ilhan Omar gloated after Fox News rebuked Judge Jeanine. Now no doubt she is gloating some more.

Many societies have succumbed to sharia. The Middle East used to be predominantly Christian before Islam was imposed on it by force in the course of the 1,400-year war Muslims have waged against Western Civilization.

In the past, people had to be conquered before they would submit to a system that forbids criticism of Islam. But now we have political correctness. You might say that we have already been conquered from within, and the rest is just a mop-up operation.

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Mar 17 2019

Chelsea Clinton Blamed for Christchurch

To no one’s surprise, the Muslim–moonbat alliance has been exploiting the Christchurch shootings to the hilt, attacking the right of self-defense and demonizing all opposition to Islamization. Even Chelsea Clinton has been blamed for the violence:

A student cornered Chelsea Clinton at an NYU vigil for the New Zealand massacre victims and blamed her for inciting murderous anti-Muslim hatred — prompting fellow first-family member Donald Trump Jr. to jump to her defense.

“After all that you have done, all the Islamophobia that you have stoked,” senior Leen Dweik angrily tells Clinton in a since-deleted viral video posted Friday night by student activist Rose Asaf. “This right here is the result of a massacre stoked by people like you and the words you have put out in the world.

“The 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there,” seethed Dweik, wearing a Bernie Sanders 2020 T-shirt — and referring to Clinton’s criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israel last month.

Don’t agree with Ilhan Omar that Jews suck? Then you are an Islamophobe with blood on your hands. The same goes for anyone not completely in tune with expansionist Islam.

Get used to it. Muslims and their allies will use Christchurch to club everyone is sight for the foreseeable future.

Watch Chelsea get chewed out for not keeping up with the Islamophilic radicalization of her party by a Bernie Sanders supporter:

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Mar 14 2019

Christians, Atheists Attacked in Refugee Camp

Lauren Southern offers another foretaste of her upcoming movie Borderless. Here she visits the Moria refugee camp in Greece, where ISIS maniacs terrorize refugees who are not Muslims, just as they no doubt plan to do to Europeans:

This is what Greeks want to defend their country against, with minimal help from their government. It won’t stop in Greece.

As one of the refugees states, the virus must be defeated. It won’t be defeated by importing it into Europe.

Mar 13 2019

Open Thread

Absolutely. If a Muslim who has-who is-a practicing Muslim who believes the word of the Koran to be the word of Allah, who abides by Islam, who goes to mosque and prays every Friday, who prays five times a day-this practicing Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Koran, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America. - Brigitte Gabriel
Mar 12 2019

Jeanine Pirro vs Ilhan Omar

Nancy Pelosi couldn’t stand up to Ilhan Omar. Could Fox News? Jeanine Pirro has the answer.

Pirro got in hot water for this opening statement on her Fox News show last Saturday:

Judge Jeanine is completely on the mark to point out the irony of an Islamist accusing Jews of conflicting loyalties when sharia is, as she says, “antithetical to the United States Constitution.” Pandering to Muslims is doing to the Democrat Party what it has done to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party — aligning it with anti-Semitism.

Televised truth telling regarding Islam hasn’t happened very often since September 11, 2001. The reaction was swift and harsh:

In a rare rebuke of a high-profile host, Fox News on Sunday night came out strongly against the comments made a day earlier by host Jeanine Pirro about Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

“We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar,” the network said in a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter. “They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly.”

Congratulations, Fox News. As a Muslim Woman of Color from Somalia, Ilhan Omar is the personification of our incoming ruling class — and you have earned a pat on the head from her:

“Thank you, @FoxNews,” Omar tweeted to her more than 720,000 followers. “No one’s commitment to our constitution should be questioned because of their faith or country of birth.”

To get an idea of how absurd this is, imagine a Nazi from Germany saying that during WWII. Islam is not just a “faith.” It is a political ideology that explicitly demands the coercive subjugation of those who won’t submit to it. The history of Western Civilization for the last 1,400 years is largely a story of staving off Islamic conquest, with limited success.

Ilhan Omar and the pernicious people who support her are increasingly calling the shots, and not only in the profoundly corrupted Democratic Party. Jews aren’t the only ones who need to be alarmed.

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Mar 12 2019

Symbolic Attempt to Preserve Greece

It would be hard to imagine a story more conspicuously symbolic of how Europe’s ruling class conspires with the Islamic hordes to eradicate European heritage. In Greece, the cradle of European civilization, which has already lost much of its land to Islam over the centuries, 36 locals were arrested for raising a metal cross on Lesbos “meant to deter migrants and refugees from reaching the island.”

Last time around, the Muslim–moonbat alliance did not get such direct help from the government:

A cement cross was similarly erected in August 2018, drawing the ire of the local “Coexistence and Communication in the Aegean” group…

This militant outfit accused the cement cross of “racism and intolerance.”

It labelled those who had erected it as “aspiring crusaders” and called on authorities to take it down.

Admittedly, the Crusaders were motivated by a desire to defend Christian civilization from encroaching Islam too.

It was destroyed by vandals in the night a month later but no-one was arrested.

Greece’s defenders remain defiant:


Mar 10 2019

Open Thread

How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is a fateful fatalistic apathy. - Winston Churchill

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Mar 08 2019

Rashida Tlaib Delights CAIR

On September 11, 2001, anyone who said that Americans would one day vote for this would have been torn apart by an enraged mob:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) delivered the keynote speech at the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) 15th annual banquet on February 26th. She opened by saying, “‘We always said ‘the Muslims are coming’… I think we’re here!” The crowd roared.

CAIR is a terror-affiliated expansionist Islamic outfit that specializes in lawfare and propaganda. You might call it the Islamic equivalent of the ACLU.

Rashida Tlaib is a moonbat best known for bellowing of the president, “We’re going to impeach the motherf***er” on nonspecific charges. This also delighted the sort of people who support her.

Thanks to moonbattery, we are being conquered from within:

The fight against “hate and racism” refers to the subjugation and ultimate eradication of non-Muslims. Her colleague and ally Ilhan Omar, who recently demonstrated her dominance over ostensible Speaker Nancy Pelosi, makes it clear they plan to start with Jews.

Tlaib compared Omar to “civil rights icons” while defending her from the tepid pushback she received from fellow Democrats over her incessant stream of anti-Semitic rhetoric. In the upside-down world of Islamomoonbats, Jew-bashing is civil rights work.

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Mar 08 2019

The Independent Gives Insane Advice to British Women

Following two horrific beheadings, the Independent offers mind-bending advice.

Remember Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland, the terminally naive Scandinavian girls who got themselves beheaded for being European by camping in Morocco just last December? The Independent doesn’t seem to. Morocco is listed at #1 in an article on “10 of the Best Female-Only Trips for Solo Travellers” in honor of International Women’s Day:

Intrepid Travel has launched new limited edition women’s expeditions, which are all about “breaking down barriers, fostering discussion and creating immersive local experiences for women that are ordinarily off limits on our regular group departures”.

Its Morocco Women’s Expedition is an off-map hiking adventure…

Any British woman who hikes solo in Morocco is likely to have an immersive experience, all right. She may be immersed in her own blood as she dies screaming in horror for the glory of Allah, like Louisa and Maren.

The Independent is immersed in the cluelessness induced by moonbattery.

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Mar 04 2019

UPS Declares Rosengård a No-Go Zone

Progressives deny that no-go zones exist. Yet UPS, forced to work in the real world rather than the make-believe realm of leftist ideology, regards Rosengård as one of them:

Multiple Swedish news outlets, including the newspapers Fria Tider and Sydsvenskan, have confirmed that UPS has stopped all deliveries to Rosengård, a Malmo neighborhood comprised almost entirely of Muslim residents, because of a heightened risk of their drivers being robbed or worse.

Recipients of packages have to go to a presumably well-fortified office in central Malmö to pick them up.

According to Fria Tider, a similar policy has been enacted in Stockholm, which too houses an inordinate number of Muslims.

Malmö is still only 20% Muslim. If Swedes cannot even deliver packages now, imagine what it will be like when explosive birth rates, further aggravated by the welfare state and combined with suicidal immigration and refugee policies, push the Muslim population toward 50%. It will make 1980s Beirut look like the Mr Rogers neighborhood, as infidels will be marked for attack by their racial characteristics.

Already firefighters frequently refuse to respond to fires started by restless Muslims unless they are provided with police escorts, due to the welfare colonist pastime of starting a fire and then throwing bricks at the infidels who arrive to put it out. Explosive devices have been going off in Rosengård on a regular basis.

Put enough people from Somalia into a Swedish city and it is not a Swedish city anymore. It is Mogadishu.

The same goes for American cities. The Somali colony that has been established in Minneapolis has produced vehemently anti-American congresscritter Ilhan Omar. More like her will pass laws that Americans have to live under.

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Feb 22 2019

ISIS Brides and the Liberal Media

The caliphate didn’t work out, so ISIS brides Hoda Mothana and Shamima Begum want to come back to USA and UK. It would be insane to let these maniacs in. However, they have the “mainstream” media on their side. As Paul Joseph Watson suggests, this tells you all you need to know about the media.

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Feb 13 2019

Making Islamophobia a Crime

Thanks to the slavish dhimmitude of the liberal ruling class, Britain does not have to wait until Muslims achieve a majority to enjoy the multicultural delights of sharia law. Bill Warner shows us how close “Islamophobia” already is to becoming a crime:

Every attempt to invade and conquer Britain since William the Conqueror in 1066 failed — until Muslims zeroed in on the Achilles heel that is moonbattery.

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Jan 31 2019

Muslims Bully Nike

Nike renounced American customers who do not despise their own country by choosing Colin Kaepernick — a washed-up former football player remembered only for his disrespectful antics when the national anthem was performed — as the face of the corporation. Countermoonbats were enraged; many discarded or even burned their Nike products and vowed never to buy more. However, the liberal corporate establishment breezily dismisses the fury of deplorables. We’ll see if it also ignores the anger of Islamic supremacists, now that Muslims have proclaimed that the logo on the bottom of $150 Air Max 270 sneakers is offensive:

A petition, which garnered more than 14,000 signatures by mid-day Wednesday, claims that the logo resembles “Allah,” the Arabic word for God, written in Arabic script.

This is serious stuff among Muslims, who regard the bottoms of shoes as particularly unclean. Even letting someone see your shoe sole is regarded as an insult. They have murdered many people for far less than having something that reminds them of Allah on the bottom of a shoe.

Petitioner Saiqa Noreen screeches menacingly that the sneakers are “outrageous,” “appalling,” “disrespectful,” and even “extremely offensive.” She demands that all products with this logo be recalled “from worldwide sales immediately.”

Nike bleats that the logo says Air Max, not Allah, and that “Any other perceived meaning or representation is unintentional.”

So what? Intent is irrelevant. Did the restaurant in Phoenix with a picture of coalminers on the wall intend to be racist? Not even moonbats are crazy enough to think so. Yet they still demand the picture be removed.

When Muslims pretended that the ice cream swirl on some Burger King packaging looked like the word “Allah,” the junk food magnate obsequiously bowed to their demands. So did McDonald’s, when they pretended that squiggles on the bottom of a toy resembled the word “Muhammad.”

There is already precedent for Nike caving to Muslim crybullies:

In 1997, the company came under scrutiny for using a flame-shaped logo that also resembled the word for Allah. In that case, Nike pulled 38,000 pairs of sneakers worldwide and donated $50,000 to an Islamic elementary school in the United States.

Turning over lunch money with such alacrity will not dissuade Muslims from continuing to see the word “Allah” everywhere they look.

If you move when they push you, they will push you more. A pretext to push is the point of being “offended.”

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Jan 30 2019

Islamic Police Force Established in New York

As I watched the parade of shocked zombies covered in dust consisting in part of the bones of fellow New Yorkers shuffling north toward Grand Central on September 11, 2001, I never imagined I would live to see the city put up with the establishment of an Islamic police force:

Last November, neighbors in Sunset Park formed a new community patrol. Run by Muslims to serve both Muslim and non-Muslim communities in light of anti-muslim sentiments, it is modeled on the controversial Shomrim private security force that patrols the Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn. However, it is the first security force we would have that unites around religion exclusively and welcomes believers from any ethnic background.

Muslims are very open-minded that way. You can be any ethnicity you like, so long as you bow down five times a day to Allah. Otherwise…

Muslim Community Patrol & Services (MCPS) was formed by Sami Uddin Razi and Noor Rabah, who both serve as the president and vice president of the organization, respectively, and it has national aspirations. They felt there was a need for such service considering the political climate and the fact that hate crimes have been on the rise across the country.

You want a hate crime? Not hoaxes about phantoms in MAGA hats tugging on hijabs, but a real one? Refer to 9/11.

Note that MCPS patrol cars are designed to look like legitimate NYPD vehicles, the better to intimidate:

To answer the question above, yes, we are that stupid. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain the election of Barack Obama, who openly sided with Islam against Western Civilization.

After this goes nationwide, there will be a great business opportunity to sell head coverings for women. Before long no female will dare go out without one.

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Jan 08 2019

Islam and Dualism

Islamists and their liberal allies can quote the Koran and the Hadith to prove that Islam is peaceful and nice. Maniacs who emulate Mohammad’s actual behavior can find support in these same sources for the most morally depraved atrocities imaginable. Bill Warner explains that this is because Islam features dualism, allowing it to be a bunny rabbit for the liberal media but a rattlesnake when dealing with resistance:

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Jan 08 2019

Woman Charged for Slapping Migrant Who Molested Her

Islamic colonists have established a tradition of sexually molesting any European women who dare venture outdoors on New Year’s Eve. This enriching aspect of multiculturalism is known as Colognization, due to some of the most outrageous excesses occurring in Cologne. Encouragingly, authorities are finally doing something about it other than handing out Respect bracelets. They are bringing down the force of law. Oh wait…

A Swiss woman has been charged with assault after slapping an Afghan migrant who allegedly groped her during a New Year’s Eve street party.

The incident occurred at City Hall in Vienna, Austria. The unnamed 21-year-old whacked the migrant hard enough to break his nose. Kudos.

Looks like chivalry is not quite dead, even in demasculinized, Islamized Europe:

After news of the charges against her were made public, a wealthy Swiss businessman has stepped in with an offer to pay the fine on her behalf.

The gallant businessman is former MP Christoph Blocher, who has been a major figure in the conservative Swiss People’s Party. Many more like him — and like the nose-breaker — are needed if Europe is to be saved.

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