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Sep 08 2022

Germany Nixes Nuclear as Crisis Impends

Russia tightens its energy stranglehold. Green energy continues to be nearly useless. Europeans face a grim winter. As mentioned earlier,

Eurocrats can either drop the climate crap and adopt policies friendly to the production of efficient energy, or they can command the peasants to shiver in the dark.

Confirmation that the authorities have made their choice:

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck has ruled out extending the life of its three remaining nuclear power plants in the middle of its energy crisis…

Germany will continue with its plans to phase out nuclear energy use by the end of 2022, but will keep two of the plants available in case of emergencies until spring 2023…

In case of emergencies? The emergency is already beginning. It was caused by kooks like Habeck, who is a member of the Green Party.

No matter how much taxpayer money is wasted on them, wind turbines and solar panels cannot meet a developed county’s energy needs. Now Russia has cut off Germany’s natural gas. Rather than address this urgent situation productively by taking steps to secure reliable energy, Germany is laying plans to mitigate the disaster with subsidies and tax breaks to help people afford energy.

That is, the government will print money to spend on energy that does not exist. Looks like no one in charge remembers the hyperinflation that helped bring down the Weimar Republic and usher in Hitler.

The imaginary climate crisis is caused by carbon emissions, according to progressive ideology. Nuclear power produces no significant carbon emissions. Yet leftists forbid it anyway, indicating that not even they believe in climate change doctrine.

Europeans should be building nuclear plants as fast as they can, not shutting them down. But nuclear power is shunned by lefties like Habeck for flaky ideological reasons.

Sooner rather than later, keeping the lights on will require overthrowing the moonbat ruling class — and not only in Europe.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.


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One Response to “Germany Nixes Nuclear as Crisis Impends”

  1. […] Britons can be thankful that their new prime minister appears to have no use for this nonsense. Liz Truss just ended the UK’s ban on fracking, enabling the production of clean and efficient energy. Germans might want to take similar steps before their economy collapses under the weight of green moonbattery. […]


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