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May 02 2022

Ghost of Kiev Dead for Good?

Someone get word to Disinformation Commissarina Nina Jankowicz. There has been a major outbreak of disinformation regarding the Ghost of Kiev, who even the government of Ukraine admits was never a real person:

The Ghost of Kiev should haunt anyone tempted to take the firehose of propaganda regarding Ukraine at face value. The liberal establishment has spent months pretending that a local conflict on the other side of the world is more important that galloping inflation and the massive invasion of our own country. Its motives are not benign, as confirmed by crying clown Adam Kinzinger’s continued demands for a direct military conflict with Russia, which would probably result in nuclear war.

Further confirmation is provided by Nancy Pelosi’s recent junket to Kiev, which consisted of far left congresscritters no doubt negotiating what Zelensky will give them in return for $billions upon $billions of our money. Ukraine’s most lucrative exports may consist of lies about Trump to retroactively support the first impeachment farce and silence on Joe Biden regarding his involvement in his bagman Hunter’s illicit activities.

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