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Apr 29 2022

Like 20th Century Tyranny but Harder on the Ears

Meet the commissarina of Biden’s new Ministry of Truth:

Where tyranny intersects with narcissism, there you find the Democrat Party.

It is bad enough to see constitution rights trampled on and the country you love methodically replaced by a dysfunctional authoritarian hellhole. Watching it done by self-adoring speds adds insult to injury.

Russians got Felix Dzerzhinsky. Germans got Heinrich Himmler. Cubans got Che Guevara. None of them was remotely appealing, but at least you could take them seriously (except maybe Guevara). We get MSNBC regular Nina Jankowicz, who opposes the First Amendment on the grounds that it is harmful to “marginalized communities,” and who barks condescendingly that “‘free speech vs censorship’ framing is a false dichotomy.”

At least she really is an expert on disinformation. She has peddled lies regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Trump dossier.

Want more from the musical Minister of Truth? Here’s some anyway. This will set the dogs to howling:

Via Conservative Treehouse, Tucker Carlson responds to the Biden Regime’s response to Elon Musk promising free speech on Twitter:

HuffPost responds to Carlson’s response by denouncing him as an “extremist blowhard” and accusing him of scaremongering, without actually disputing anything he said because they can’t.

Now is the time for well-meaning liberals to rethink their position. They will not want what Nina Jankowicz et al. do with their power on their conscience.

On tips from Anonymous, Gringoman, Occam’s Stubble, and Wiggins.


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