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Nov 24 2020

John Kerry to Sit on National Security Council

American national security is not likely to fare well under Biden’s handlers. Consider that on Monday, Biden…

…announced former Secretary of State John Kerry as special presidential envoy for climate, [who] will sit on the National Security Council — the first time that the NSC will include an official dedicated to climate change.

That’s their idea of national security: placing John Kerry — who betrayed his country during wartime and went on to facilitate the acquisition of nuclear weapons by our most aggressive enemy — on the National Security Council, where it will be his job to subordinate American interests to the globalist power grab known as the global warming hoax.

Biden has already announced that on his first day in power he will undermine American interests by embracing the Paris Climate Agreement.

Regarding security at the overrun border, where the ongoing invasion has lurched into overdrive in anticipation of a Biden’s handlers presidency, he has signaled his seriousness by symbolically choosing Latino immigrant Alejandro Mayorkas.

Maybe America could survive Biden, provided Republicans hold the Senate. But only if there is constant aggressive pushback. His handlers do not mean this country well.

Good grief.

On a tip from Varla.


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One Response to “John Kerry to Sit on National Security Council”

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