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Oct 30 2020

Glenn Greenwald Explains Why He Quit

Liberal journalists who have any principles other than devotion to helping Democrats consolidate power are a dying breed. There will be one fewer until Glenn Greenwald finds another job. He was so disgusted by the corrupt burying of the explosive Hunter Biden laptop revelations and acceptance at face value of obvious propaganda from former intelligence officials that he quit his position at the Intercept in protest.

Matt Taibi, another liberal who is uneasy about the Democrat slide toward straightforward authoritarianism, writes at Real Clear Politics:

In a bizarre, ironic, and disturbing commentary on trends in modern media, the celebrated reporter was forced to resign after writing a story criticizing both the Biden campaign and intelligence community — only to have it spiked by the editors of The Intercept, the news outlet he co-founded six years ago with the aim of preventing pretty much this exact situation.

“The irony,” Greenwald says, “is that a media outlet I co-founded, and which was built on my name and my accomplishments, with the purpose of guaranteeing editorial independence, is now censoring me in the most egregious way — about the leading presidential candidate, a week before the election.”

Taibi says that Greenwald is not entirely alone:

In the last few weeks I’ve heard from multiple well-known journalists going through struggles in their newsrooms, with pressure to avoid certain themes in campaign coverage often central to their worries. There are many reporters out there — most of them quite personally hostile to Donald Trump — who are grating under what they perceive as relentless pressure to publish material favorable to the Democratic Party cause. …

For every public story like Greenwald’s, there are dozens more you don’t hear about, involving media members who can’t speak out.

Greenwald explains the situation to Joe Rogan:

“If you have faith in mainstream news institutions, you’re really irrational.” Greenwald is no right-winger, but he is sure right on that.

In case you missed him on Tucker Carlson’s show last night:

You can see why Greenwald has been “totally, formally banned” from MSNBC.

Regardless of who wins the election, the politically weaponized liberal establishment media has already lost. It has zero credibility. By now, everyone who has not been living in a bubble understands that it is fake news, effectively consisting of press releases from the Democratic Party.

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