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Oct 30 2020

Hearse Tails Biden Campaign Bus

Enthusiasm isn’t the only advantage regular Americans have over MSM-indoctrinated Biden zombies. Creativity also helps counterbalance the edge Big Media/Big Tech gives to Democrats. Biden’s campaign bus, which putters along on a light schedule between his lids and long naps in the basement, has a shadow:

In Houston, one Trump supporter decided to troll the Biden team by driving a hilariously decked-out hearse behind the bus with MAGA-approved branding.

Referring to Democrats’ well-established reputation for voter fraud, the hearse billed itself as the “Official Democrat Cemetery Vote Collector” that was “Collecting Democrat votes one dead stiff at a time.”

When the bus stopped, the hearse reportedly set up shop with a sign that read “Don’t forget 10% for the Big Guy” in reference to the bombshell emails allegedly from Hunter Biden on the family’s corrupt business dealings.

Not just “allegedly” — the validity of the shocking emails has been confirmed. But the media has buried the story, leaving patriotic Americans to disinter it.

At the time of publishing, the Biden bus had reportedly pulled away from their campaign stop after no supporters showed up. The hearse team seemed to be in hot pursuit.

God willing, the hearse will prove an apt metaphor for Biden’s campaign.

On a tip from Lyle.


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