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Jan 31 2021

Global Tax to Hit Big Tech

Looks like Silicon Valley is about to get what it has coming for its major role in installing America Last in the White House:

Silicon Valley tech firms look increasingly likely to face new global tax laws this year, as the change in the White House fuels optimism among European officials that an agreement will soon be reached. …

“I’m really confident that we’ll get an agreement,” [German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz] said, just one day after speaking to new U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen via telephone.

Yellen may not defend the interests of American companies, but she is female, and that’s the important thing, as the Regime reminds us.

Pulling this with Trump in charge would have resulted in retaliatory taxes on European imports. However, defending American interests has been rejected in favor of globalism.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has also welcomed the support of President Joe Biden’s administration over the proposed global tax. Speaking at a Davos Agenda panel on Monday he said he believed a multilateral agreement could come into force as soon as this spring.

The globalist elite of Davos must love Biden and his handlers. But then, maybe they are his handlers.

It is delightful to watch Big Tech moonbats get whacked in the face by the handle of the rake they stepped on. These fools secured Biden’s election by ham-fistedly suppressing information regarding his corrupt ties to communist China that likely would have caused his defeat. Unfortunately, once global taxes get going, they won’t stop until equity has been achieved between the USA and the poorest hellhole on the planet.

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