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Jan 31 2021

Liberal Nihilism Explained

Gregory McKelvey is an avowed communist who served as campaign manager to Sarah Iannarone, the Antifa candidate for Mayor of Portland. In explaining the sociopathic behavior of Antifa mobs, he offers some insight into the nihilism that is surpassing even superciliousness as the primary distinguishing characteristic of liberals.

McKelvey, via Willamette Week:

For generations like mine and the one after, we have been told our entire lives that the world is about to end if nothing is done immediately, and that all of the evils of our world—climate chaos, racism, the ills of capitalism, and more—are all inexplicably linked. In my mind, and the minds of protesters, these things are objectively true.

If we are going understand the endless pointless rioting,

we must put ourselves in the minds of someone who probably rightfully believes the world is ending or, at a minimum, is on the brink of being unrecognizable with incredible amounts of death, pain and climate chaos. …

It’s amazing to me that liberal Democrats really do believe that we are on the brink of something like Armageddon and then are shocked that some people behave like it.

The Democrat Party’s ideology is not meant to be taken literally. It is a tool to maintain the hegemony of the liberal establishment. How else do you explain American corporations donating $billions to the explicitly Marxist Black Lives Matter movement?

Our rulers are playing with dynamite, because some people will take their phony ideology at face value. The gullible and the hopelessly brainwashed who have never ventured outside the bubble of liberal propaganda will literally believe that freedom is racist and therefore evil, that capitalism makes people poor rather than wealthy, and that the entire planet will die if we don’t let the government radically reduce our standard of living.

This ideology is a virus vastly more dangerous than COVID-19.

The primary symptom is nihilism, which destroys respect for everything we need to believe in to prevent civilization from sliding into decline. This nihilism explains the appalling decay of American culture showcased by the entertainment industry, and the willingness of millions to support the corruption and autocracy personified by Joe Biden.

On a tip from TCS III. Hat tip: Hot Air.


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