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Apr 09 2021

Greenwashing Phoniness: Paper Bottles

It’s called “greenwashing.” Everyday products are pitched as environmentally correct so as to separate fools from their money. This gives an idea how phony it is:

Innisfree, a cosmetic brand under Amorepacific, has been forced to clarify its eco-friendly “paper bottle” packaging after a customer’s complaint about plastic usage and a “misleading” label went viral online.

Misleading? That’s like calling Biden’s bald-faced lies misleading. “Hello, I’m Paper Bottle” is printed on the paper covering a plastic bottle.

Plastic is a miracle material that makes our lives better in countless ways. But plastic is morally unclean, according to enviromoonbat dogma.

“We used the term ‘paper bottle’ to explain the role of the paper label surrounding the bottle,” Innisfree said in a statement.

The paper label includes information on how to recycle the plastic bottle hidden inside, which saves the planet by being made of less plastic than other bottles. Just don’t set it down on the counter too hard or it might burst.

Despite its dishonesty, Innisfree is not the villain here. Customers who buy a supposedly green product are purchasing an illusion of liberal righteousness. The irate customer who pulled back the curtain spoiled the pleasant illusion for them by drawing attention to the phoniness. Only an idiot would think that buying something in a paper bottle would improve the climate. So don’t fault Innisfree too much for selling people what they want: symbolic eco-indulgences.

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