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Aug 16 2021

Heat Inequity

Decisions, decisions. Should neo-Marxists tear down America and impose authoritarianism in the name of cultural Marxism or in the name of the global warming hoax? Maybe they can prioritize both at the same time. The Climate Adaptation Planning Alliance shows the way.

CAPA activists drive around Portland with sensors on their cars, mapping urban heat. They find that high temperatures target the most vulnerable.

From Fox12 Oregon:

Joey Williams, CAPA Heat Watch program manager, … said East Multnomah County has a lot of asphalt and not a lot of tree cover – the two combined, along with other social factors, make for hotter days for residents who live there.

“The asphalt we’re standing on is a great example right now. It’s black and has low surface albedo, which means it’s absorbing all the short waves, high-energy radiation from the sun and it’s holding onto it. Whereas if we were on grass or under a tree we would see this dispersing heat much more quickly,” Williams said. “We know that people out here are also less equipped to handle that heat – social vulnerability aspects that can really affect someone’s ability to cope.”

Watch any random minute of liberal establishment news and you will be reminded that “social vulnerability” is correlated with politically preferred racial status. That means global warming is racist.

It follows that anyone who questions ostensible mitigation efforts — like the flagrant Green New Deal waste that makes up much of the Democrats’ next spending blowout — is a racist. No racist deserves to have an opinion. Anyone who defends a racist is subject to cancelation. The debate is over.

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