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Apr 01 2022

Hillary Held Legally Accountable — Slightly

Just when you thought it would never happen, Hillary Clinton has been held accountable for breaking the law:

The Federal Election Commission fined Hillary Clinton’s campaign this week for lying about the discredited Steele Dossier in campaign filings.

The FEC said Hillary for America violated the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 — which requires political committees to disclose payments over $200 per year and notate the purpose of the funds properly — by falsely attributing the money used to orchestrate the Russian collusion hoax as “legal services” on finance filings.

Too bad the mainstream media con artists who passed off Shrillary’s clumsy hoax as news for years on end can’t be fined.

This coordinated effort by Clinton allies, some of whom have been indicted for lying to the FBI, to lie about their political enemies sparked the Obama administration’s efforts to spy on Trump and his campaign under knowingly false pretenses.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for our historic First Black President to be held accountable for anything.

For lying about the purpose of campaign funds, the FEC ordered Clinton’s campaign to pay $8,000 to the commission in the next 30 days. The Democratic National Committee was also fined $105,000 for the same violation.

Ouch, that’s some wrist slap.

As Kash Patel notes,

“Had any other campaign done it, they would have fined them to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. But I’ll take this as a start.”

Now how about accountability for other laws Shrillary appears to have broken in the course of her career in crime? Cold case investigators might even spare a glance into Jeffrey Epstein and the rest of the Clinton body count.

Shrillary won’t live long enough to serve the time she owes society. No matter; she won’t spend a single day in prison. Democrat power has privilege.

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2 Responses to “Hillary Held Legally Accountable — Slightly”

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