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Apr 11 2022

Michael Mann Throws Tantrum Over Fox News in Gym

Climate crusader Michael Mann is best known for inventing Al Gore’s hockey stick graph. This piece of disinformation required corrupted scientists to erase the medieval warming period and to “hide the decline,” as revealed by the ClimateGate emails. In exchange for lucrative government grants, some researchers appear willing to produce results to order, propping up the global warming hoax so that it can be used as a pretext to advance authoritarian objectives.

Mann is also infamous as an enemy of open debate, having sued Mark Steyn for suggesting that he is a charlatan. Mann’s hostility to free speech even extends to what channel they have on the TV in the gym at an New York City Marriott:

[Mann] pulled the ‘Don’t you know who I am card?’ to try and bully Marriott into banning Fox News from being played on a TV at a NYC hotel gym. …

The pompous professor began his quest on Saturday, having spotted the offending channel being played while working out at the Marriott Times Square’s fitness room.

He took to Twitter and raged: ‘Dear@MarriottBonvoy: The Fitness center at your NYC Times Square hotel has TV fixed on “Fox News”— a network that promotes anti-American, pro-Russian propaganda.’

Anyone who is not sufficiently pro-Democrat must be pro-Russian and therefore anti-American, as per the Russian collusion hoax.

‘The manager of the facility says he can’t change the channel, it is set by you. This is deeply offensive.’

In Liberalese, “deeply offensive” is even stronger than “problematic.” When terms like this have been brandished, someone could face cancelation.

Mann went on to boast about how many moonbats follow him on Twitter, and menaced the company with talk of a boycott.

At first Marriott had the good sense to ignore the petty tyrant, further enraging him. But the suits soon assured him that undesirable channels can be changed at the request of guests, so Mann called off the Twitter mob.

Leftists don’t even pretend to be the good guys anymore. As this sordid episode demonstrates, they have zero tolerance for dissent.

Given the gelatinous consistency of corporate spines, Marriott has probably passed down orders from headquarters never to show Fox News in a gym again.

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