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Dec 31 2020

Homeless Advocates Commandeer Hotel

We will know that civilization is on the verge of collapsing completely when property rights are ignored. From Fife, a suburb of Tacoma, Washington:

On Christmas Eve, a homeless advocacy group booked 16 rooms at the Travelodge Motel at 3518 Pacific Hwy. E. and paid for one night.

But now, the group told the motel’s manager they have no plans to check out, or to pay the bill. …

[V]olunteers from Tacoma Housing Now brought in food and supplies for more than 40 homeless people now occupying the 16 rooms…

The derelicts are cold and poor. Some of them have diseases. Therefore, they have a right to commandeer someone else’s property, in accordance with progressive ideology.

But motel manager Shawn Randhawa, told Fife Police and the City Manager, the motel is a struggling small family business with 10 employees, which was already devastated by the pandemic. When he was told the group refused to pay for their rooms, he told the city manager he may have to pull the plug on the entire business.

One less capitalist to exploit the masses!

“They may have to close up shop because with no revenues coming in, with their margins where they are, they may have to close operations,” said Fife City Manager Hyun Kim. “So, I’m trying to buy some time. It starts with conversations with both sides.”

The occupiers refuse to settle for anything less than permanent free shelter.

Why don’t the police remove the trespassers? This isn’t nearby Seattle, after all.

Fife Police Chief Peter Fisher told KIRO 7 the group is clearly committing theft and criminal trespassing, but the owner has not asked for the group to be forcibly removed.

In the current climate of media-endorsed leftist terrorism (a.k.a. mostly peaceful protests), he may be trying to avoid the place getting burned down.

Why would anyone build a new hotel in a world where the building would only be seized by thugs in the name of moonbattery?

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