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Dec 31 2020

Indian Wars Resume in New Mexico

Despite the Cleveland Indians caving to the wokesters by changing their name, Indians still suffer miserably in this land of oppression, because law enforcement is systemically racist. A Native American was even tased for walking his dog.

The Washington Post weeps, via MSN:

Darrell House was walking through the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque on Sunday with his dog and his sister when he strayed off the marked trail. House, who identifies as Native American, says that he’s often done so in the past to pray on land he considers his ancestral home.

This time, though, he was confronted by a National Park Service ranger. Moments later, House was lying on the ground in a fetal position, crying for help as the officer repeatedly used a Taser on him.

House says that he has a right to trespass on land closed to the public. He identifies as an Indian; therefore, it is his property.

House told KRQE he believes the officer used excessive force against him because he is Native American.

House wasn’t arrested, but the police did oppress him with three citations.

WaPo admits that House refused to provide correct identification and defiantly walked away from the officer. To get a fuller picture of what happened, turn to a more credible news source, like TMZ:

The ranger repeatedly tells the man all he’s going to do is issue him and the woman a warning … that’s it, but he needs their ID so it can go in the system in case they try to hike on the same trail again at New Mexico’s Petroglyph National Monument.

The man refuses, and says Native Americans and the government don’t mesh well, adding, “You’re on our land.”

This goes on for nearly 8 minutes. The ranger calls for backup as Chief House walks away, despite the ranger’s order to stay. The ranger then warns Chief House he will tase him if he doesn’t cooperate, but he’s having none of it.

After almost 8 minutes, the ranger fires his taser.

Good thing House didn’t suffer a fentanyl overdose. The media would be exhorting people to mostly peacefully loot stores and burn down police stations.

Here’s what House looks like, and presumably not just on Halloween. On social media, he calls himself “Chief House,” but don’t you call him that, or you will probably get canceled for racism. The dog is named Geronimo, after the Apache renegade who led raids against the white man.

Having demanded an attitude adjustment, House received one, but it does not seem to have taken hold. He boldly asserts that he will continue to trespass on land closed to the public on the grounds that “That is my right.” Another encounter with a taser awaits in his future.

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