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Sep 03 2020

How a BLM Activist Learned His Lesson

It does not appear that the police did anything wrong in the shooting of Jacob Blake. Jarrett Maupin, Phoenix’s answer to Al Sharpton, should be able to explain why, after taking part in a police training exercise:

The narrative that the police racially oppress blacks is fake. It has been proven seven ways to Sunday that Michael Brown was shot in self-defense. George Floyd probably died of a fentanyl overdose. Jacob Blake was shot while going for a weapon. In none of these cases has any evidence been presented that race was a factor. The Black Lives Matter movement consists of malice wrapped in a lie.

Despite the lesson he learned from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Maupin continues to exploit the lie as leader of All Black Lives Matter Arizona. He recently planned a march in Phoenix that might have degenerated into yet another devastating riot. But he called it off, supposedly due to threats. Maybe his conscience acted up.

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