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Apr 26 2023

Portland Comes to Forth Worth

The depraved LGBT agenda, with its satanic focus on defiling innocent children, is too evil (not to mention repulsive) to have mainstream appeal. Yet it dominates our culture because it has the aggressive backing of the liberal establishment (the federal government, the media, corporate boardrooms). This is reinforced at the street level by the fascistic thugs calling themselves Antifa. Let’s see whether Antifa’s Brownshirt tactics play as well in Fort Worth as they do in Portland:

Black-clad counter-protesters in tactical gear, many armed with guns, stood outside Fort Brewery and Pizza as the restaurant hosted a drag show Sunday, with protesters for the nonprofit organization Protect Texas Kids demonstrating across the street, according to the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD). Counter-protester Samuel Folkes, 20, allegedly went over to the protesters and pepper-sprayed them, subsequently swinging at police when they tried to arrest him.

Counter-protester Christopher Guillott, 33, is accused of attacking officers with an umbrella and hitting one in the face as they attempted to handcuff Folkes, with both men continuing to resist arrest.

Both were charged with a second-degree felony for assaulting an officer. Since Tarrant County DA Phil Sorrells was not appointed by George Soros, they might even see some jail time. A third Antifa kook also faces charges.

Protect Texas Kids thanked the FWPD:

The same Antifa radicals have been at all of our “kid-friendly” drag show protests for the past year attempting to instigate and cause problems. Every other police department has refused to hold these criminals accountable for breaking the law.

The front line of the Culture War reaches Fort Worth:

Holding the line is the first step; pushing it back comes next.

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